ACCPD shooting July 1 press conference

The Athens-Clarke County Police Department held a press conference at 4 p.m. on July 1 following an officer-involved shooting that occurred earlier that day. Following the shooting — which resulted in the death of the victim of the shooting — two ACCPD officers have been placed on administrative leave. (Sofi Gratas/Staff) 

On July 1 at around 12:30 p.m., an officer-involved shooting occurred on Macon Highway near the River Club apartment complex.

Of the three Athens-Clarke County police officers involved, two fired shots and one received minor injuries. The victim of the shooting — who was displaying “erratic behavior,” according to an ACCPD press release — was pronounced dead at the scene after being fired at multiple times.

Neither the names of the officers or the deceased man have been released.

According to a press release, officers responded to several reports of a man who was armed with a knife and covered in blood at the apartment complex. The three officers involved reported to the scene. No other victims were found at or around the scene as of press time, leading officers to believe that the man was covered in his own blood.

The officers gave several commands for the armed man to drop the knife, but he continued to disregard these commands, according to the press release. After ignoring the officers, he proceeded to advance on them with the knife.

Two of the three officers fired several shots at the man. Paramedics treated him, but he was pronounced dead at the scene.

The victim of the shooting, a man in his 20s, has not been named pending notification of the next of kin, according to the press release. Based on information collected by ACCPD, the man was not living at River Club.

“As far as we know, he was not a student at UGA,” ACCPD Chief of Police Cleveland Spruill said during a press conference held around 4 p.m.

Spruill said at the press conference that the Georgia Bureau of Investigation was contacted following the incident, in accordance with ACCPD policy. The two officers who fired shots have been placed on administrative leave pending GBI investigation of the incident.

Spruill was joined by GBI Special Agent Jesse Maddox in discussing the incident at the press conference. Deputy Chiefs Jeff Clark and Mike Hunsinger were also present.

“We are still very early on in the investigation, so a lot of facts we don’t know,” Spruill said.

Maddox said the GBI will keep the scene on and around Macon Highway blocked off until further notice.

“Thorough is the key there,” Maddox said regarding investigation of the scene.

Clarification: A previous version of this article stated that the shooting occurred at the River Club apartment complex, but the shooting occurred on Macon Highway outside of the complex. 

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