A 10-year-old child who was reported missing more than a year ago could be in the Athens area, according to a press release from the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children.

Kayla Unbehaun was allegedly kidnapped in Elgin, Illinois by her mother, Heather Unbehaun on July 5, 2017. A felony warrant for kidnapping was issued for Unbehaun on July 29 last year.

Because Unbehaun reportedly has connections to Athens, NCMEC suspects that she and her daughter may be within the city limits.

Kayla has sandy brown hair, blue eyes and is 4 feet, 4 inches tall, according to the press release. Heather is 5 feet, 3 inches tall, weighs 135 pounds and has blonde hair and blue eyes.

Kayla’s father Ryan Iserka previously set up a GoFundMe account to help spread the word about Unbehaun’s disappearance. According to Iserka’s post on GoFundMe, he realized that Unbehaun had kidnapped Kayla when she was expected to meet him in Elgin for a “court ordered parenting time exchange.”

When Unbehaun didn’t show up, Iserka contacted the Wheaton Police Department and an investigation was launched.

Unbehaun has not used any social media since the investigation was launched and sold her car last fall, the press release said. Unbehaun was thought to possibly be in Athens around January of this year as well, according to an Athens-Clarke County Police Department press release at that time.

Despite more than a year passing since Iserka first reported Kayla as missing, he told NCMEC he is hopeful to be reunited with her again soon 

“There is a lot of people that love her … and everyone wants to see her and spend time with her,” Iserka said. “I don’t want to take her mother away from her. I want her to grow up happy and have a life with everyone who loves her.”

If you have any information regarding this case, you can contact the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children at 1-800-THE-LOST (1-800-843-5678) or the South Elgin Police Department at 630-232-4739.

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