A biker travels up Clayton Street in dwontown Athens, Georgia, as the sun comes up on Friday, August 24, 2018. It is an unseasonably cool morning, with temperatures in the 60s. (Photo/Gabriella Audi, www.gabbyaudi10.wixsite.com/mysite-2)

East Clayton Street from North Lumpkin Street to North Thomas Street will be restriped to become a two-lane road beginning July 13, according to an Athens-Clarke County news release.

The section of Clayton Street is currently three lanes, while the rest is two lanes. The restriping of the section is part of the continuing East Clayton Street Improvements Project, the release said.

The parking spaces will keep the same configuration, but the angles and depth of the spaces will change because the curbs will be adjusted. Vendors that use the center lanes for parking during deliveries can continue to use existing side street and adjacent block delivery zones, according to the release.

The lane change will provide safety spacing during utility improvements. Georgia Power has been doing utility work on the road since May and is expected to finish in the next few weeks, the release said. Atlanta Gas Light will begin work on gas main and service lines on Clayton Street in the next two weeks. The company is a private utility company and will contact businesses and property owners along the road to schedule re-establishing gas service. The project is expected to take eight to 10 weeks.

No full road closures or detours are planned, but lane restrictions or closures, sidewalk restrictions, pedestrian rerouting and parking space closures will take place depending on where the utility work is.

After Georgia Power’s work is done and while Atlanta Gas Light’s work continues, the next phase of construction in this area will involve the installation of conduit for electrical and other services in Clayton Street. The conduit will provide services to new traffic lights, streetlights and other services, the release said.

The conduit will be installed in the road and in some areas of the current and future sidewalk. The conduit is currently planned to run between North Lumpkin Street side and Thomas Street, although it is subject to change. The conduit will take several months to complete.

Streetscape work is scheduled to begin in around six weeks, after Georgia Power and Atlanta Gas Light’s work is largely done. The streetscape work will take place in block sections and is expected to take around a year and a half, according to the release.

The streetscape project includes underground infrastructure to support items such as street lights and traffic signals. It also includes hardscape surface elements such as curb and gutter work and sidewalk replacement. Landscaping, bike racks, benches, lights, public art and other items are also part of the project, the release said.

Final paving and striping of the project area will happen towards the completion of the full project, which is expected in 2021.

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