Jody Hice

Jody Hice is the Georgia District 10 representative. 

Congressman Jody Hice, who has been representing Georgia’s 10th Congressional District since 2015, received the Award for Conservative Excellence from the American Conservative Union Foundation.

The ACU’s award is given annually to members of Congress based on their commitment “to advance conservative principles of liberty, personal responsibility, traditional values and a strong national defense.”

“I came to Congress to stand up for the advancement of conservative principles, and I’m proud that my voting record reflects that commitment," said Rep. Hice in the press release.

ACU rates every elected official in federal and state legislatures, which totals about 8,000 lawmakers, on these standards.

To rate members of Congress, ACU selected 25 bills based on and scored each member on whether or not “the elected officials adhere to conservatism,” said ACU Chairman Matt Schlapp in the opening letter of the rankings.

“We generally do not announce in advance which bills we will score,” Schlapp wrote. “Rather, we carefully examine the complete record for the full year to select the most meaningful votes and then publish the results after the dust has settled.”

Hice fit ACU’s standards for 24 out of 25 bills examined, received a 96 percent rating in 2016 and holds a lifetime record of 98 percent.

“Rep. Jody Hice earns an A-plus grade for his consistently conservative voting record during a time when our country is facing so many critical issues,” said Schlapp in the press release. “It is refreshing to have a member of Congress who puts the Constitution first, especially when it comes to our First Amendment religious freedoms.”

ACU awards congressional members who have sided with the ACU for 90-100 percent of the bills reviewed, receive the Award for Conservative Excellence. Members that side with the ACU 80-89 percent of the time receive the Award for Conservative Achievement.

"I’m honored to be recognized by the American Conservative Union Foundation and will continue to champion pro-growth, limited government policies that help ensure we leave this country and Georgia’s 10th District better than we found it for our kids and grandkids,” said Rep. Hice in the press release.

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