Public Service Commissioner Tim Echols and State Representative Spencer Frye will be hosting Athens Sustainability Summit and Clean Energy Roadshow at Athens Holiday Inn from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. on Thursday, August 3.

Several panels of energy efficiency, utilities, renewable energy and alternative fuel vehicles experts will be working with sustainability teams in Athens to put into action cost-saving sustainable project plans.

Representatives from Cox Enterprises, the University of Georgia, the Natural Gas Association of Georgia, Atlanta Gas Light, Southface, Clean Cities Georgia, Georgia Power Company, Energy and the Environment, Hannah Solar, Clipper Creek, BYD Bus, Nissan LEAF, Yancey Bus, Blue Bird Bus, Wade Ford, Racetrac Petroleum and Alliance Auto Gas will be on the panels.

The event is sponsored by Georgia Power, Blue Bird Corporation, Atlanta Gas Light and Nissan LEAF. It is free to the public. There will be vehicle and product demonstrations, as well as lunch for attendees.

"Our Summit focuses on educating business and civic leaders on the most recent advances in sustainability and how new technologies will benefit government and business," Echols said in a press release.

During the first half of the day, participants can expect to hear panel discussions on corporate and community sustainability –the Internet of Things connected device landscape, recycling and composting, energy efficiency and solar energy’s growing footprint.

After lunch, the roadshow will focus more on transportation and fuel sources, discussing alternative fuel vehicles for public and private transportation including fueling infrastructure, utility rate programs and rebates, maintenance, financing, fuel-fit, and calculating total cost of ownership using propane autogas, electric vehicles and the natural gas.

Nissan LEAF and the Propane Vision School Bus by Blue Bird will be holding ride and drive opportunities throughout the entire day of panel discussions, beginning at 8 a.m. and ending at 4 p.m. when the event ends.

Bill Edge, the public information officer for Georgia Public Service Commission said Echols has been hosting Clean Energy Roadshows for seven years, but has added an emphasis on sustainability for this years shows.

“At first they were a demonstration of alternative fuel vehicles,” Edge said. “This year he’s expanded, now it’s more about not only clean vehicles but also sustainability and ideas for how people can use renewable energy other than vehicles, like solar energy, biomass, and wind energy.”

Echols, who is from Clayton County, is on his second term serving for the Georgia Public Service Commission as vice-chairman of subcommittee on nuclear waste disposal.

Edge said the event will be a way for people to learn about alternative fuel vehicles through test rides and drives, as well as learn ways of saving money.

“It’s about business and civic leaders learning about the most recent advances in sustainability and new technologies,” Edge said. “What they’ll take away is information on new products and ideas that will benefit the government and businesses.”

Frye, who is from Athens, is serving his third term in the Georgia General Assembly. He has also worked to help export ambulances overseas, is a small business owner, and co-founded a now globally operating company that ‘recaptures recyclable motor oil.

The roadshow will stop again in Macon on September 19 at the offices of the Middle Georgia Regional Commission, giving the same presentations.

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People need to be aware how clean energy can have a positive impact on their lives and the various energy storage options that are available. Energy storage is not a topic that we read of everyday or learn from at school, thus roadshows like this are essential to educate people.

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