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The University of Georgia announced seven interdisciplinary projects were awarded seed grants across 15 UGA schools.

 With the conclusion of the spring semester, here are The Red & Black news desk’s top 10 stories since the beginning of 2020:

1. Here are the rules for Georgia’s shelter-in-place order

The Georgia shelter-in-place order has since been lifted. But when it was passed, there was confusion on what the parameters of the order were — so much confusion that this was our top article of the semester.

2. A look into the 20 high schools sending the most students to UGA

In Fall 2019, 21% of the University of Georgia’s freshman class came from only 20 high schools. Our enterprise team looked at numbers and came back with a story focused on the demographics of these schools compared with those of the university and the state. 

3. UGA anticipates return to in-person instruction for fall 2020

The University System of Georgia is planning to reopen for fall 2020. The return will involve a “phased, gradual reopening” during the summer, but it remains “fluid” and will change in accordance with COVID-19 developments. 

4. Public health officials announce Athens’ first COVID-19-related death

A 67-year-old resident was the first COVID-19-related death in Athens-Clarke County. Since then, COVID-19 deaths in Athens-Clarke County have risen to 13.  

5. UGA faculty instructed to prepare remote curriculum in case of COVID-19 disruption

University faculty were instructed to prepare to maintain instruction in the event of a disruption from the COVID-19 outbreak. The University System of Georgia suspended classes days later and did not resume in person for the rest of the semester.   

6. Gov. Kemp signs statewide shelter-in-place order in effort to fight COVID-19

Early in April, Gov. Brian Kemp passed a statewide shelter-in-place, limiting the operations of non-critical business across Georgia. 

7. 3 UGA employees arrested for bribery and theft by conversion

After two anonymous tips were made against an employee in the University Health Clinic Vision Center, three former UGA employees were arrested for bribery and theft by conversion.

8. Viral anxiety: Coronavirus outbreak raises concerns in Athens and abroad

Before much of the American reaction to the COVID-19 pandemic, international students at UGA were affected. Students from China were especially impacted, as travel restrictions were put in place and family members were quarantined. 

9. IRS releases details for economic impact payments

Payments were made to American workers in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic and shutdowns. This article broke down the stimulus checks. 

10. Athens government to consider second emergency declaration with mandatory stay at home order

In mid-March, the Athens-Clarke County government was considering its own shelter-in-place rule. At the time, the state of Georgia had 287 cases and 10 deaths due to COVID-19. 

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