Police arrested Brandyn Clark on nine felony charges for criminal damage in the second degree Tuesday after several vehicles were found damaged in the parking garage of The Standard apartment complex.

Clark was booked into the Athens-Clarke County jail on a $5,000 bail for each charge. He was released on bail Wednesday afternoon.

On Tuesday, ACC police responded to a call from a UGA student and resident of The Standard about someone breaking and entering her vehicle, which was parked in the complex’s parking garage, according to the police report.

The first victim told police that nothing was taken from her vehicle, but that the front passenger window has been busted and there were other damages to the car on the passenger side, according to the report.

Photo by Charlotte Norsworthy

Police said in the report that they found blood surrounding the car and on the vehicle, which prompted them to follow the trail of blood splatters. According to the report, this lead police to several damaged cars — nine in total — throughout the parking garage, all with blood on or around the vehicles. They were also all red cars, according to the report.

Police continued to follow the blood trail and came upon a white Honda Civic that had heavy damage to the passenger side and the passenger side wheels. All passenger side airbags were deployed and there was blood surrounding the vehicle, according to the report.

After meeting with the manager of the apartment complex, police were able to identify the owner of the Honda as Brandyn Matthew Clark, a 20-year-old UGA student and resident of The Standard.

Police then went to Clark’s apartment for questioning, according to the report. When Clark answered the door, he asked police if they were questioning him about a hit and run that occurred the night before.

Police told Clark that his blood was found surrounding his car and Clark showed police a very large cut on his finger that was profusely bleeding on his clothes and onto the floor, according to the report.

Clark told police that he acquired the cut after trying to repair his car, according to the report. Police asked to see the inside of the apartment and found what appeared to be blood on the kitchen counter, sink, floor and cabinets.

Police then went into Clark’s bedroom and also found blood on the bathroom sink, floor, mirror, as well as on his bed and bedroom floor, according to the report.

According to the report, Clark told police that he was the victim of a hit and run and tried to file a report, but decided not to and instead looked for the vehicle himself in the complex’s parking garage.

Clark then showed police four of the damaged cars, claiming that any one of them could have caused the damage to his Honda. Clark denied to police that he caused the damage on the cars, according to the report.

The ACC police report obtained by The Red & Black did not mention the bullet holes that were reportedly found in cars in The Standard parking garage, nor did it mention the shell casing that was found on the scene.

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I would love to see follow-up on this student. How in the world can he avoid contact with the vandalism victims if he is still a student at UGA? This is apparently his third arrest and alcohol apparently played a role in each. He isn't even 21 yet! It would be nice to see a little humility yet he is still spotted at downtown drinking establishments with a drink in his hand.

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