A police car parked on College Avenue in Athens, Georgia on Thursday, October 3, 2019. (Photo/Taylor Gerlach)

UPDATE: The man struck by a vehicle on Nov. 12, Hoyt Hayes, of Winder, died as a result of his injuries. This was Athens’ 14th fatal car accident this year, and the fourth fatal pedestrian-involved accident, according to a Thursday update from the Athens-Clarke County police department.

The original story is below.

Two serious car accidents involving pedestrians occurred in Athens last week, one on Nov. 9 and the other on Nov. 12. The first resulted in a fatality and the other in serious injuries, according to a Nov. 16 press release from the Athens-Clarke County Police Department.

The Nov. 9 accident occurred in a parking lot near Athens Spine Center. Mary Gail Paul, a 74-year-old Athens resident, was struck by a vehicle. Authorities transported her to the hospital and initially believed her injuries were not life-threatening, but her condition worsened and she died in the hospital on Sunday, according to the release.

The vehicle driver remained on the scene after the accident and is being questioned by ACCPD, according to the release. The case is still under investigation and anyone who may have witnessed the Nov. 9 crash or has any information should contact ACCPD’s Lt. John McIlvaine at 762-400-7089.

This was Athens’ 13th fatal car accident in 2020.

The Nov. 12 accident occurred near the intersection of Commerce Road and Boley Drive shortly before 8 p.m. A 66-year-old man from Winder was struck by a vehicle and sustained serious injuries. The man is in the hospital in critical condition, according to the release.

The driver is being questioned by ACCPD, according to the release. Anyone with information on the Nov. 12 crash should contact ACCPD’s Officer Vincent Schill at 762-400-7092.