City Hall mug_ACC 2020 June 9 elections

Athens-Clarke County voters will go to the polls on June 9 for federal, state, and local primaries and general elections. (Photo/Jason Born)

Voters in Athens-Clarke County will head to the polls for federal, state and local primaries and elections on June 9.

The elections were postponed from May 19 due to the extension of Georgia’s public health state of emergency until May 13. If these elections were held May 19 as originally planned, the extension would include almost every day of in-person voting, said Brad Raffensperger, Georgia secretary of state, in an April 9 press release.

The winners of the U.S. House of Representatives and Georgia General Assembly primaries will face off in the Nov. 3 general election.

The presidential primary was originally scheduled for March 24 then postponed to May 19.

The Red & Black has compiled the names of all candidates who have qualified for these races.

Athens-Clarke County Commission:

District 2: Mariah Parker (incumbent)

District 4: Allison Wright (incumbent), Michael Stapor

District 6: Jerry NeSmith (incumbent), Jesse Houle

District 8: Andrea Farnham, Carol Myers, A. Kamau Hull

District 10: Mike Hamby (incumbent), Knowa Johnson

Clarke County Board of Education:

District 2: Mary Bagby, Kirrena Gallagher

District 4: Patricia Yager (incumbent)

District 6: Mumbi Anderson

District 8: Nicole Hull

Clarke County Sheriff’s Office:

Democratic Primary: Ira Edwards Jr. (incumbent), John Q. Williams

Republican Primary: Robert Hare

Other local primary races:

Tax Commissioner: Toni Meadow (incumbent), Democrat

Clerk of Superior Court: Beverly Logan (incumbent), Democrat

Coroner: Sonny Wilson (incumbent), Democrat

Candidates for other local general elections:

Probate Court Judge: Susan Schaffer

State Court Judge: Charles Auslander III (incumbent)

State Court Judge 2: Ethelyn Simpson (incumbent)

Chief Magistrate Judge: Patricia Barron (incumbent)

Here are the candidates for the U.S. presidential primary, the U.S. House of Representatives primary and the U.S. Senate primary.

Presidential primary

Joseph R. Biden is the only Democratic presidential candidate who hasn’t dropped out of the primary race, according to The Atlantic. However, 11 other candidates will be on Georgia’s Democratic presidential primary ballot, said Charlotte Sosebee, ACC director of elections, in an email April 9.

Democratic presidential primary: Bernie Sanders, Joseph R. Biden, Michael R. Bloomberg, Pete Buttigieg, Michael Bennet, John K. Delaney, Tulsi Gabbard, Amy Klobuchar, Deval Patrick, Tom Steyer, Elizabeth Warren and Andrew Yang

Republican presidential primary: Donald Trump (incumbent)

U.S. Senate, seat 1

Republican incumbent David Perdue is running for reelection. No other Republican candidates qualified for the race.

Democratic primary: Sarah Riggs Amico, Jon Ossoff, Teresa Tomlinson, Marckeith DeJesus, James Knox, Maya Dillard-Smith and Tricia Carpenter McCracken

U.S. House of Representatives

District 9

Republican primary: Michael Boggus, Paul Broun, Andrew Clyde, Matt Gurtler, Maria Strickland, Kevin Tanner, Ethan Underwood, Kellie Weeks and John K. Wilkinson

Democratic primary: Devin Pandy, Brooke Siskin and Dan Wilson

District 10

The winner of the District 10 Democratic primary will compete against Republican incumbent Jody Hice in November. No other Republican candidates qualified for the race.

Democratic primary: Andrew Ferguson and Tabitha Johnson-Green

Georgia General Assembly

Both state Senate Districts 46 and 47 and state House of Representatives Districts 117, 118 and 119 include parts of ACC. All of the candidates in these districts have no challengers in their respective party primaries on June 9.

State Senate District 46

Republican primary: Bill Cowsert (incumbent)

Democratic primary: Zachary Perry

State Senate District 47

Republican primary: Frank Ginn (incumbent)

Democratic primary: Dawn Johnson

State House District 117

Republican primary: Houston Gaines (incumbent)

Democratic primary: Mokah Jasmine Johnson

State House District 118

Democratic primary: Spencer Frye (incumbent)

State House District 119

Republican primary: Marcus Wiedower (incumbent)

Democratic primary: Jonathan Wallace

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