Ben & Jerry's in downtown Athens displays its health inspection sheet next to its front door.

When one downtown employee quit her restaurant job in August 2018, she said the cooks in the kitchen were still allowed to smoke inside.

At a job she held for two and a half years, Athens resident Anna Holland often saw cooks prepared food alongside ashtrays and cigarette buds.

“I walked up [to the third floor] more than once to see someone with a cigarette in hand and some lettuce in the other,” Holland said.

Smoking in a restaurant kitchen would undoubtedly be a health violation. When the restaurant was expecting a visit from the health inspector, the managers and other employees would take precaution with some of their usual practices, Holland said.

“The health inspector would come in through the main entrance and announce themselves, and our job was basically to call the prep kitchen and tell them to hide everything [including ashtrays],” Holland said.

Whereas smoking is less common in restaurants, unappealing bathrooms, unsanitary surfaces and unsafe food storage are problems that crop up in restaurants in Athens.

All restaurants and other venues that sell food are required to have a health score posted in or outside their establishment. These scores don’t only reflect food quality. Health inspectors look for risk factors, such as proper cooking temperatures and contaminated equipment, and good retail practices, such as building structure. Risk factors are considered critical violations and must be addressed immediately.

Keli Hinson, Northeast environmental health district director, said health scores are not meant to be adversarial with the establishments but rather to provide information “for the public to make an informed consent if they want to eat at a place or not.”

Customers should look at the types of violations rather than the score itself, Hinson said. An establishment with a “B” score may have no critical violations, whereas an establishment with an “A” score may have a critical violation.

A failing health score is anything below a 70 and requires an immediate follow-up inspection.

Want to know the score of your favorite restaurant or coffee shop, and more importantly, why points were docked? Check out this list.

Note: These violations were found at the specific time of inspection and may have since been fixed. This is also not an extensive list of all Athens restaurants and coffee shops. For more details about the specific violations for each establishment and to find more scores, check them out here.

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