Bully performs at AthFest Music and Arts Festival in Athens, Georgia on Saturday, June 23, 2018. (Photo/Jason Born)

1. Apparition brings the stage to the mosh pit

Screeching guitar solos, crashing high hat hits, aggressive drum hits and high energy is what you can expect from hardcore punk band, Apparition. The group, which consists of drummer Jason Griffin, guitarist Reeth Dasgupta, vocalist Oliver Murphy and bassist Brandon Page, immediately knew how to get the crowd involved.

This was because a majority of the band was actually in the crowd and not on the stage. With the exception of Griffin, the rest of the group was in the audience head banging with all everyone else.

Murphy was jumping into the crowd and was sharing no personal space between himself and the crowd.

You could feel your heart racing throughout the entire show due to the insanely fast tempo the band kept throughout their songs. The drumbeats in every song were moving at the speed of light and the audience was doing their best to keep up.

2. Vegabonds mixes western country with folk to rock out Live Wire

The best way to describe Vegabonds’ sound is the kind of sound you want to listen to when driving through the country with the windows down and the volume up. Reminiscent of The Jeff Healy Band or even the Eagles, the Vegabonds followed through with their “on the road” theme by selling their merchandise out of an open suitcase.

The lead singer, Richard Forehand, was decked out in western decor from a belted, wide brim hat to a worn jean vest and long, untamed curly hair. The crowd wrapped their arms around the necks of their neighbors and swayed to the music.

“Y’all sound damn good out there. I like it,” Forehand said to the crowd. “Are you ready to get down?”

Beers punched the air during the band’s cover of Tom Petty and the Heartbreaker’s “I Won’t Back Down.” The chorus rung through Live Wire, necks tilted back and mouths wide as the crowd sung “Hey baby, there ain't no easy way out,” at a volume even louder than the band on stage.

3. Deep State pumps up late night crowd

Deep State had possibly one of the most thunderous performances of the night. The Athens punk/alternative band offered driving power chords and soaring muffled riffs in their Little Kings set.

Even with the late night 1 a.m. start, Athens concert goers came out in full force to support one of the most notable Athens punk acts. At one point a small mosh pit even began to break out among the animated audience.

One of the highlights of the show was when Deep State frontman, Taylor Chmura, took a swig of his beer while simultaneously strumming the last chord of a particularly heartfelt song. He then subsequently congratulated everyone in the room for the performance.

“We all did that, all together, all of us," Chmura said.

4. Hobohemians and Klezmer Local 42 transported Hendershots back in time

Jazz and traditional Eastern European klezmer music filled the dimly lit space of Hendershots as the Hobohemians took the small stage for the night, followed by the Klezmar Local 42.

The Hobohemians, just off a win at the Flagpole Athens Music Awards, played a ‘20s and ‘30s inspired swing set that had audience members, young and old, up and dancing and singing along in no time.

Klezmer Local 42, a nine-piece klezmer band that draws from the musical traditions of the Jewish culture of Eastern Europe, performed next at 9:30 p.m.

“It’s just such good live music. I just love the energy of it. The fact that it’s older performers that have such vibrancy and energy is really cool,” said Ciera Durden, attendee watching the performance.

5. Bully delivers wild performance at the Georgia Theatre

Although only their second time playing in Athens, Bully took the crowd away with a charged punk set fully of blazing guitar playing and lots of hair whipping. Decked out in all black and with a black stripe painted menacingly across her eyes, Bully's front woman Alicia Bognanno released all her emotions and let loose in this heart-pounding performance that left the audience reeling.

Even those who didn't know of the band prior were astounded by the performance factor of the set and how well Bognanno delivered her lyrics.

"She's up there screaming her head off and it's amazing. It's cool to see how that energy moves through the room and watch her perform. It was masterful," said Thea Rodgers, an attendee from Los Angeles, California.

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