Jester performs for the last time together on the main stage at the Georgia Theatre. The 23rd annual AthFest Music and Arts Festival kicked off on Friday, June 21 in Athens, Georgia. The festival has several outdoor stages and artists ranged from hip hop to country music. (Photo/Daniela Rico)

“We’re called Jester,” said Tommy Trautwein, vocalist and guitarist for Jester, as the band began its last show together in the AthFest Club Crawl on the Georgia Theatre Mainstage.

The band, formed up of UGA students Trautwein, Andrew Wilson, Hayden Busch and Clay Milling, has been playing since summer 2017 and ended its time performing together almost exactly two years later.

Jester had fun onstage — it seemed as if the band was treating this performance as more of a celebration than a farewell show.

Trautwein and Wilson played head-to-head during a guitar duo mid-song. Band members smiled at each other periodically throughout the set, as well as when they saw familiar faces in the audience.

“There are so many beautiful faces,” Wilson said, referring to the crowd.

The theatre was packed with college-age students jumping and bobbing their heads along to Jester’s slow jams and almost reggae-style beats.

Though it was its last performance, Jester performed two new songs: “Fix” and “Know I’m Not.”

While the crowd could not sing along to the new songs, there was not a still head in the theatre — everyone seemed to be bopping along to the music.

Before playing its last song ever, Trautwein said to both the audience and the band, “Let’s have some fun with this one.”

The crowd began to jump as Jester played a head-bobbing rock jam. Audience members sang along, so much so that Wilson let the crowd sing the chorus during part of the song.

Jester ended in an extended jam, replaying the last chord over and over as the audience screamed and cheered, the stage lights flashing wildly.

“We’ve been Jester,” Trautwein said, a reference to his opening statement. “Thank you for listening to all of our music. We’ll see you in another life.”

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