Linqua Franqa

Artist Linqua Franqa performs her set on the main stage at the Georgia Theatre on the first night of AthFest. (Photo/Daniela Rico)

Local hip-hop artist Linqua Franqa hit the AthFest stage Friday night at the Georgia Theatre in front of an energized crowd. She’s performed at the festival every year since 2016, making Friday night’s show her fourth AthFest appearance.

Off the stage, Linqua Franqa is Mariah Parker, the Athens-Clarke County District 2 commissioner and a University of Georgia Doctoral Candidate.

Linqua Franqa brought Dope KNife, Wesdaruler, and DJ Reindeer Games on stage with her to perform.

Fans loudly rapped along with Linqua Franqa as she darted around the stage, jumping and kicking.

Even those who didn’t enter the venue with the artist’s discography memorized had plenty of opportunities to participate. At multiple points throughout the show, Linqua Franqa urged the audience to sing lines back to her.

Linqua Franqa’s performance style is anything but boring. At many points, her show had a theatrical aspect, where the lyrics seemed to be acted out.

As she sang the song “Gold Bike,” Linqua Franqa began pedaling a shimmering prop bicycle on the stage. Later, during the line “that gold might go worldwide,” she held up a globe as she continued to pedal.

Linqua Franqa also gave a shoutout to her District 2 constituents at the show, during which a man near the stage yelled out “District 1!”

The man turned out to be Patrick Davenport, the Athens-Clarke County District one commissioner, there to hear his colleague perform.

Upon seeing Davenport in the crowd, Linqua Franqa joked, “Isn’t it past your bedtime?”

During the last song of her set, Linqua Franqa hopped off the stage to dance with audience members.

Once the song ended and she was back on stage, the crowd gave Linqua Franqa a roaring send off, to which she responded with a bow.

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