Luxury Vehicle performs at AthFest in Athens, Georgia on Friday, June 22, 2018. (Photo/Jason Born)

Despite a rain delay, the Hull Street Stage managed to stay packed throughout most of its performances. Between a DJ duo, indie-rock band, and a nine-piece jazz-fusion band, the evening was quicker than expected but offerent a diverse set of entertainment.

The stage’s show opened with a set from DJ and drummer combo, Luxury Vehicle. Unfortunately, the Hull Street Stage may not have been the right venue for the band; a small group of fans jammed out in the front, but most seemed to be focused on their first drinks.

Before the next band Caulfield could get started, lightning struck and it soon began to pour. Consequently, the tent over the Hull Street Stage and audience became extremely popular during the onslaught of rain.

“Overall very enjoyable. They had good atmosphere and energy.

- Matthew Delgado, UGA student

Despite the delay, Caulfield recognized the hard work that the workers at AthFest were putting toward clearing the stage.

“I think it’s pretty appropriate, they’re definitely doing their best,” said Caulfield singer and guitarist, Holden Le Dinh.

Because the rain lasted for a full 45 minutes, this soul-funk band was limited to just two songs. They opened with a psychedelic cover of Uptown Funk and played one of their own songs as well.

“Overall very enjoyable. They had good atmosphere and energy,” University of Georgia student Matthew Delgado said regarding Caulfield’s set.

The stage closed with Misnomer, formerly known as Mister Tie Dye. There was debate between the band members over how to define their genre, but their business cards state “instrumental fusion.” The band is made up of UGA graduates who recently won both Artist and Album of the Year from the Flagpole Athens Music awards.

Their set was all acoustic because the sound equipment was put away due to the rain. Being a mostly jazz and wind group, this didn’t affect them significantly.

“We were looking for an outlet to play music that we wanted to play. Being these jazz guys, we were writing these jazz-fusion charts for a band that didn’t even exist at the time,” Greer said. “We decided we want to play some music, so we called eight of our good friends.”

At the halfway point of their set, the audience filled the Hull Street tent and spilled out on to Hull street to see them play. UGA and Georgia State students Allison and Connor McCabe agreed that they sounded great, even though the audio equipment had to be put away for the rain.

“I thought it was really good, despite the lack of a PA. It was really bass-heavy, which worked well for a show like this,” Connor McCabe said.

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