Kevin Kinney performs on the main Athfest stage in Athens, Georgia, Friday, June 24, 2016. (Photo/Austin Steele)

Kevn Kinney’s soulful country sound captured the attention of the crowd with his opening performance of “Scarred But Smarter.” Kinney’s use of storytelling through his music was well understood by the audience.

He continued his show with a song paying tribute to the late Muhammad Ali. With lyrics including the famous phrase, “Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee,” Kinney had the crowd thoroughly entertained.

The crowd favorite definitely showed to be Kinney’s rendition of “Broken Hearts and Auto Parts.” With subtle sways and the occasional sing along from a few of the guests in the audience, it was apparent that Kinney’s presence was captivating the crowd.

Kinney took several song requests from the audience, and after being asked to play tunes such as “Straight to Hell” and “A Good Country Mile,” he instead began a different song by the name of “Let’s Go Dancing”.

The crowd’s attentiveness grew during this song due to Kinney’s interesting political twist on his ad-libs.

“Let’s Go Dancing”, a song which appeared to be about revolution during a time of war in the early 1990s, was updated for the current day with his mentioning of the second amendment.

“I’d never let them have video games where they could rack up multiple kills,” Kinney said, in reference to his parenting style he used for his children. “They should have warnings on [violent] video games that say your child will be desensitized.”

As expected, a large round of applause was given after the completion of this song.

Although the audience was small, his true fans and those who had an interest in Southern rock stayed eagerly throughout the remainder of his set.

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