Grand Shell Game perfroms at Live Wire during AthFest on June 25, 2016 in Athens, Ga. Photo/ Landon Trust

The second band to perform at Live Wire as part of AthFest, Grand Shell Game put on an awe-worthy performance. A six-piece band with front man Eric-Scott Guthrie and bassist Dylan Turner as lead singers, the band showcased its developed sound that was catchy, smooth and mesmerizing to watch live.

With eyes closed and a look of being at ease on the stage, Guthrie sang songs from the band's new album “Man on Wire” as well as cover of country classic “Jolene."

Mixing fast-paced indie sounds on “Man on Wire” as a means of storytelling and a slow folksy hum on the song “Love," Grand Shell Game showcased its diversified and mature sound at AthFest.

The sparse yet absorbed crowd swayed to the acoustic beats. Having performed in Dahlonega just a few hours before, the Grand Shell Game did not disappoint in its performance through remarkable vocal range and Beatles influenced harmony in songs such as “Billy Joel." 

Though the crowd wasn’t huge, the sound certainly was, along with admiration and appreciation from the crowd for the music.