Family and Friends performs on the main Athfest stage in Athens, Georgia, Friday, June 24, 2016. (Photo/Austin Steele)

Headliner Family and Friends impressed from the start. Throughout its set, the audience sang along to most songs and danced to all, regardless of if they knew the song well or not.

Singer and guitarist Mike MacDonald and accompanying vocalist Melanie Annabelle harmonized well together, giving the band a vibe similar to the indie folk rock sound of The Lumineers or The Head and the Heart. 

Several of the band members tore their pants off at the beginning, revealing jean shorts. They also released a shark balloon into the air.

The energy of the band was incredible. The eight performers had chemistry that translated into a great performance that the audience could relate to. 

The energy was apparent from the two standing drummers, Alejandro Rios and Ryan Houchens, who gave the show their all, even bringing out a tiny drum set and then an even tinier, doll-sized one. 

The bassist Tuna Fortuna also portrayed the energetic vibe through his head banging and jumping on stage, which sent his long locks flying.

Each song melded into the next, making the set flow smoothly with few pauses. The songs shared similar sounds and themes, creating a cohesive and impressive show.

Throughout the set, several band members would take sips out of a gasoline jug, containing what one would assume is not gasoline — perhaps something a little less toxic.

Most of the crowd knew all of the words to the band's songs, creating a unified atmosphere that kept the crowd wild. Several audience members attempted to crowd-surf.

Overall, one can describe the atmosphere of the show as energetic. Whether people knew the songs well or not, the audience was able to sing and dance along and have a great night. 

The show ended with a quick cover of Biz Markie’s "Just a Friend," which the crowd loved, and a final closing song that ended the show on a high note.

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