Daisy performs at the Hull Street Stage after an hour long rain delay on day 3 of AthFest in Athens, Georgia on Sunday, June 23, 2019. Festival-goers could enjoy food, music, activities, and an art market. (Photo/Caroline Barnes, https://carolinembarnes.wixsite.com/photography)

When the band Daisy’s showtime approached on Sunday afternoon, the equipment on the Hull Street stage was being covered rather than set-up. The band members stood just outside of the beer garden tent, casting anxious looks at the ominous, dark grey clouds making their way over downtown Athens.

“I kind of warned [AthFest] to not let us play because we would probably get thunderstorms around 5:30,”said David Zwart, lead singer of Daisy, while waiting to see if the weather would clear.

Zwart plainly wanted the clouds to pass so the band could take the stage, which he noted had hosted well-attended performances all weekend.

Though the day remained overcast the sky eventually lightened, and Daisy took the stage a little over an hour after its scheduled performance time of 5:15 p.m.

Daisy performed in the AthFest Club Crawl in 2017, but Sunday’s performance would be its first time on an outdoor stage in 15 years.

The band is almost 30 years old, having first been formed in 1988. In 1992, “The Hum of Daisy,” its first and only album, was released. Amazingly, the current band members still include the group’s founders, Zwart, Matt Hanson, Jeff “Jackonuts” Matthews and Andres Solar.

The crowd turned out in respectable yet modest numbers, likely in party due to the threat of stormy weather at an outdoor venue. Audience members were comfortably dispersed throughout the beer tent and the uncovered section of Hull Street to the left of the stage.

Many festival-goers tapped their feet or bobbed their heads to the band’s indie rock music. A smaller group of fans close to the stage engaged in the music less casually, yelling out to the band and dancing earnestly to its loud, instrumental-heavy tunes.

One of those captivated audience members was Austin Bridges, who referred to himself as a longtime Daisy fan.

“When I lived in Athens in the early ’90s Daisy was on the scene and I enjoyed seeing them then,” Bridges said. “I really love [Daisy] a lot.”

Throughout the set, Daisy blared its rock ‘n’ roll instrumentals. In most bands, the music is in the background of the signing — however, Zwart’s lyrics seemed to come second to the overall sound of the song.

This isn’t to say the artists didn’t find importance in the lyrics. Many times, Zwart used the short interval between playing to emphasize lines from the upcoming song in a poetic format.

The band performed its 1991 single, “My Body is Falling Apart,” near the end of their set.

Daisy wrapped the show up around 7 p.m. and received a strong final round of applause from the audience, which ended the third-to-last show of this year’s AthFest.

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