5 year-old Mavis Jones works on a tool box at the KidsFest booth during AthFest in Athens, Ga., on Saturday, June 22, 2013. (Photo/Taylor Craig Sutton)

In an effort to provide fun for all different ages, the 20th Annual AthFest presents a special subdivision to its youngest citizens.

KidsFest is a three day event planned in coordination with AthFest that has its own street block designated to it. Activities will range from free arts and crafts stands to bounce houses and more.

This event will have its own outdoor stage that will feature the younger generation of local performers that are part of the vibrant Athens music scene.

“We want to open people’s eyes to the really incredible KidsFest,” said Troy Aubrey, president of Foundry Entertainment. “And there are a couple different things happening with that. It’s cool because you get up and coming bands a chance to play.”

KidsFest kicks off on Friday night with the UpNext Showcase, a set of performances dedicated to displaying the talent of young local bands and performers. Music played during the rest of the function will be from various family-friendly artists and DJs.

Last year’s KidsFest included Home Depot sponsored woodworking activities and a jam session where participants played homemade maracas with a band. There was also a dance party in the middle of the street with family-friendly beats.

The on-stage performances of last year’s KidsFest included school orchestras, dance teams, and a group from Nuci’s Camp Amped.

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