Scott Low performs at Hendershot's Coffee as a part of the 20th annual AthFest in Athens, Georgia, on Saturday, June 25, 2016. (Photo/Casey Sykes, www.caseysykes.com)

Scott Low charmed the crowd at Hendershot’s Saturday night with his southern drawl and folk songs.

Low, the former front man of Efren, decided he wanted to pursue a solo career. Earlier this month he released his album “The New Vintage.” He said the album took him two and a half years to make, and he compared it to a chapter of his life during Saturday’s show.

Unlike the performers that played on the Hendershot’s stage before him, Low’s only instrument was an acoustic guitar which he played flawlessly. Low was accompanied by Alex Scarborough on drums and Dennis Williamson Jr. on bass.

Low’s rough voice combined with his folk southern sound resulted in a relaxing atmosphere.

Towards the end of the show Low introduced his “new best friend” Jay Gonzalez to the stage to play keyboard. Gonzalez had performed in the show prior to Low’s, and had announced he would be going on tour with Brett Harris, the performer before him.

All the musicians that performed at Hendershot’s on Saturday night bonded through a musical camaraderie.  

The first song Low played with Gonzalez on stage was much slower and more emotion filled than the previous ones, and Gonzalez’s keyboard provided a soft sound to the song.

The performance concluded with Low thanking Gonzalez and the audience, while inviting them to purchase his new album. 

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