The Welcome Home

The Welcome Home performs at the Pulaski St. stage at the 2016 AthFest Music & Arts Festival on Saturday, June 25, 2016. This year the festival celebrates it's 20th year anniversary with three days of outside and inside concerts. (Photo: Henry Taylor/

Fans were in for a special treat as the Athens-based band, The Welcome Home took the stage. 

Consisting of five members, The Welcome Home's vibrant energy consumed the audience from the start. 

The first song of the set, “In Your Entity,” brought on an increasingly large crowd. Younger guests near the front of the stage took to the center to dance and sing along to the music, making the atmosphere all the more enjoyable.  

Providing authentic mellow rock, The Welcome Home's strong stage presence came through for all of the band members. The lead vocalist and guitarist, Ryan Steffes, played a huge role in guiding the performance. The chemistry between the guitarists Lane Langston, drummer Alec Parrish and keyboardist Ally Brady was smooth and allowed for an entertaining show. 

“That Thing,” a song that showed obvious homage to Jason Mraz's “I'm Yours,” ignited the crowd with even more energy. More guests flew to the front of the stage to join those that were already dancing and swaying to the music. 

However, the real gem of TWH's performance was its rendition of The Jackson 5's “I Want You Back” mashed with Michael Jackson's “Man in the Mirror.” Giving a soft rock twist on these classics undoubtedly won the crowd over. 

TWH continued the show with its song, “Alive,” which the band mentioned was not available on its latest EP, “A Land Outside of This.” The audience responded as expected with cheers and waving their hands in the air. 

The last song of the set was “Remember the Monarchs,” which had just as much lively energy as the previous songs that were performed. After the song ended, one of the guitarists tossed a physical copy of the group’s EP into the crowd where it was received with open hands.  

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Like every time you people really rocked the show and made fans to dance for your great music. I love your band music and love listing to albums and try to attend show. You people with your songs makes the atmosphere of the place really enjoyable. I just good entertainment form my research paper works. The first of the show “In your Entity” is the best I heard till now from you people which made me to dance for it and first time I danced for any song in a stage show.

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