The Starter Kits perform at Hendershots on Friday, June 24, 2016, in Athens, Georgia, as a part of the 20th annual Athfest music festival. (Photo: Henry Taylor: htaylor@randb.com)

The vibrations could be felt through the floor at The Starter Kit’s show Friday night at Hendershot’s.

The band recently released an album called “The Starter Kits” after two years of inactivity according to Flagpole. This AthFest will be the band’s last performance together before going their separate ways. It was clear from their show that they wanted to make this performance count.

The true fans of the band made themselves known early on in the show by singing along to lyrics and shouting requests.

The performance was fast paced with the band rarely taking breaks in between songs. Occasionally lead singer and guitarist Mikey Dwyer would take a moment to thank the crowd for coming.

Although Dwyer was the lead singer on most songs, the spotlight switched to bassist Jamie Coulter for one song which received many cheers from the audience.

Each performer was given at least one solo where they were given the chance to show off their incredible talents. Drummer Dan Orchik made his presence known with his first solo that left the audience highly impressed.

Although the crowd started off light, many people trickled in during the performance. By the end of the night the room was almost full.

The show was enjoyable and rocked the normally quiet coffee shop. The band received a standing ovation at the end of the show.

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