Trae Pierce & The T-Stone Band performs on the Pulaski St. stage during the AthFest Music and Arts Festival in downtown Athens, Georgia, on Saturday, June 25, 2016. (Photo/ David A. Barnes)

All the way from Miami, Florida, Trae Pierce & The T-Stone Band brought the party to Athens.

A “funky blues hip-hop band,” Trae Pierce & The T-Stone band gathered a crowd of nearly 300 with its lively music and engaging stage manner.

“Athens, Georgia, ya’ll love to party,” Piece said, a four-time Grammy winner. He said Athens party-spirit was why the band returned to play for several years.

WIth its crazy guitar riffs and solid vocals, the band wowed the audience with its performance. But, what truly drew the crowd were the performers personalities.

Several of the band members, on multiple occasions, jumped into the crowd and played in the midst of them.

Gordon “G” Rodgers, the drummer for the band even left his seat, but he continued to tap the beat on anything around him, including an AthFest sign in the middle of the crowd.

Trae Pierce & The T-Stone band’s “Don’t Count Me Out” was a crowd favorite.

The chorus, “Soaring like the Eagles in the sky . . . don't count me out," had audience members chanting along.

And a bluesy rendition of “The Star Spangled Banner” also had an engaging effect on the crowd.

The band rocked out until the very end, keeping the crowd entertained with its high intensity music and several attempts from one of the band members to crowd surf.

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