The class will be Saturdays 1-4pm held at Moonlight Theatre in Athens (675 Pulaski - The Leathers Bldg.).

This is not a workshop. This is an ongoing acting class that teaches the fundamentals of how to act via the Strasberg method and others. This is not something that you will pick up and master in a few weeks. This is an ongoing commitment for at least a year or more. Yes, we sell it 12 sessions at a time but that is purely for clerical and financial reasons and has nothing at all to do with the curriculum.

So, if you have been taking classes that last a period of time and are then over and are looking for that again, THIS IS NOT THE CLASS FOR YOU. If  however; you are looking to turn your love of acting into a career, if you feel you have a talent and want help uncovering that talent, you have to act to feel like life is worth living, then this may be the class for you. If you are just wanting to get an agent and book a role as a waiter so you can watch it with your bridge club, THIS IS NOT THE CLASS FOR YOU.

The class is ongoing and has no start or end date. Anyone can join when there is an opening once they have been interviewed and accepted.

Auditing – we understand the want to audit. We understand many actors are warned not to attend a class that doesn’t allow auditing. We do not allow auditing because the studio is a safe place for actors to try new things. A safe place to fail. Having strangers coming in and out betrays their trust. If this is a “no go” for you then this is not the class for you.

If you would like to interview for Jayson’s class, please email us at

Upcoming dates

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  • Starting Saturday, April 4th, 2020, repeats every week on Saturday until Saturday, April 03, 2021 @ 1:00 pm


Moonlight Theatre/Rubber Soul Yoga

675 Pulaski St. #1400 Home of Rubber Soul Yoga and Moonlight Theatre
Athens, GA 30601


Jayson Warner Smith

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