Police Tape

Ramsey Crawford Griffin Moore, 47, was detained by Athens-Clarke County police while filming a reality show for Country Music Television outside of Toppers on July 21.

Police received a call around 7:45 p.m. from a Toppers employee about a "naked white male" — Moore — dancing in front of the bar.

Arriving on the scene, two officers observed a "large white male between 350 to 400 pounds," whom Toppers security guards were blocking from reentering the establishment, according to the police report.

When one officer attempted to engage Moore in conversation and "confirm his state of mind," Moore repeatedly told the officer he wanted to try out as a dancer and that "they were discriminating against him by not letting him try out."

Police explained to Moore that employees did not want to grant him reentry and that he "needed to put his clothing on." He refused.

Moore kept dancing, despite officers' repeated requests for him to stop dancing and to put his clothing back on. Moore again declined and began to walk away from the scene, where patrons and their children had begun to observe his behavior, according to the report.

The ACC officers then detained Moore and escorted him to their patrol vehicle. While detained, Moore told police that he was an actor for a reality television show being filmed by CMT.

A set supervisor who approached Moore and the officers also stated they were shooting a television show. She was accompanied by two cameramen, whom police advised to remove themselves and their equipment from the street. The cameramen complied but continued to shoot the incident.

ACC police released Moore from detention.