The Red & Black has compiled a list of four tips to help you prepare for online finals. (Photo via Unsplash)

April 29 would have been reading day if University of Georgia classes were still in-person. With all courses online since spring break, though, all students will have to adjust to what is the new norm due to COVID-19: taking their finals online.

Taking courses online are different than taking them in person — there’s a larger responsibility for the student to learn material in lecture-based classes and students don’t learn their material in different buildings or different classrooms anymore. Taking a final exam in your home, too, is much different than taking one in a classroom testing environment.

The Red & Black has compiled a list of 4 tips to help you prepare for online exams.

Read the test guidelines and time frame in advance.

Similarly to how you might treat a normal exam, it’s important to know details about your exam ahead of time. Although in-person exams have a set place and time, your professor might open the online exam for longer than the three hours usually allotted in-person. Knowing how long you have to take an exam can help you determine when you will take the test. It will also give you a good idea of how much time you need to set aside to do any day-of preparations.

Double-check your connections and charges

Make sure that your computer is fully charged, connected to a stable WiFi connection and protected against any crashes before your exam — especially because some exams are timed. Before you begin your exam, set yourself up for a smooth test-taking process.

Gather all that you need to take the test.

Although you should study ahead of time, your professor might make the online exam an might be open-note. If so, make sure your notes are easily accessible so you can reference them during your exam. Any notes or books should be close by in case you need them in the middle of a question.

Seek out a quiet test-taking spot in your home or apartment.

Something positive about taking an exam from home is the fact that you can more easily control your environment. If you have family members or roommates who might distract you during your exam, find the best place in your home to take an exam where they’ll be less likely to disturb you. Also, turn your phone on silent — as you would in a normal exam — and let your housemates know that you’ll be taking a test.

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