The Red&Black has compiled a list of five books that take place in Athens to read during self-quarantine. (Photo/Julian Alexander)

Combining its rich history, culture and charm, an author could find themselves creating a plot in the city of Athens.

Whether you’re still in the city or quarantining from another state, The Red & Black has compiled a list of 5 books set in Athens for you to enjoy while stuck inside.

Mahogany Slade (2012) by Stephen Robinson

Set at the University of Georgia in the late 1990s, this novel follows the lives of college freshmen falling in and out of love. Referencing places like Snelling Dining Commons, the Science Library and other UGA spots, this book is a good read for anyone looking to reminisce about campus life. Author Stephen Robinson is also a graduate from the University of Georgia.

Blonde Hair, Blue Eyes (2015) by Karin Slaughter

The prequel novella to Karin Slaughter’s 2015 true crime novel “Pretty Girls,” “Blonde Hair, Blue Eyes” provides a bit of a different story — when a student mysteriously disappears, a freshman who works for her school paper decides to dig deeper.

Widespread Panic in the Streets of Athens, Georgia (2018) by Gordon Lamb

This nonfiction book takes the reader back to the year 1998, when the Athens-bred southern rock group, Widespread Panic, held an open-air show that changed the band's career forever. The show, which became known as “Panic In the Streets,” became a crucial moment to Athens music history. With a narrative constructed in real time, the novel chronicles the event using interviews with the band, city officials and fans who were in attendance.

E-murderer (2015) by Joan C. Curtis

E-murderer begins when the main character, Jenna Scali, opens an email that holds a picture of a young girl who has been murdered. From then on, it is a chase to try and capture the killer. In an editorial review from Readers Favorite, writer Jack Magnus describes that he was “impressed by how smoothly [Curtis] made the locale seem familiar to her readers.”

Buzz Monkey: A Novel of Crime by Sam Hill

Buzz Monkey follows the owner of a research firm run out of Athens with an adrenaline addiction. When his best friend disappears, the main character finds himself the target of a band of uncanny villains and lawmen — Atlanta drug lords, Drug Enforcement Administration agents and hired assassins.

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