Homeless Shelter

Families previously housed at The Athens Area Homeless Shelter Barber Street location have been moved to a hotel because the facility did not allow for proper social distancing. However, the shelter is taking donations for both its Barber Street and Bray Street location.

The recent shelter-in-place policy limits people from all non-essential travel, which means Athens residents can only leave their homes for a certain number of instances, such as going to the grocery store or to the doctor’s office. But what happens when organizations, who rely on volunteers, suddenly can’t expect people to come and help anymore?

The Red & Black compiled updates from three at-need organizations which accept volunteers or donations during the COVID-19 crisis.

Athens Area Homeless Shelter

The Athens Area Homeless Shelter is accepting donations for necessary supplies — such as trash bags, laundry detergent, pain relievers and other household items — through Amazon. It is also accepting sign-ups for a grocery drop, where volunteers can bring groceries to the Bray Street location. Families previously housed in the Barber Street location are now moved to a hotel, as that facility did not allow for proper social distancing.

If you’re looking to donate money, the Athens Area Homeless Shelter is also accepting donations through its website. Or, add the shelter to your Amazon Smile account to give a small percentage of your purchase to the organization. Donations will go toward families at both the Bray Street and Barber Street location.

Piedmont Athens Regional

Piedmont Athens Regional Medical Center is no longer accepting volunteers. It’s told all of its current volunteers to go home.

However, in order to fight against the COVID-19 pandemic, Piedmont hospitals have established a COVID-19-specific fund. Donations go toward supporting drive-thru testing sites, purchasing ventilators, personal protection equipment and more. The hospital’s goal is to raise $10 million.

Mask Making for Athens

Mask Making for Athens is a movement established to “create home-made masks for Athens-area” healthcare workers, family caregivers, home health givers and family members of people in health facilities, according to its Facebook group. The masks are intended to be used as a covering over approved medical masks, according to its Facebook group.

The group is searching for volunteers through its Facebook group to donate supplies, gather and deliver supplies to those who make masks. It is also searching for volunteers to sew and deliver masks to those in need. Those wishing to join can learn more by requesting access to the organization’s Facebook group.

Correction: A previous version of this article stated the Barber Street location of Athens Area Homeless Shelter was closed. The families previously housed in the Barber Street location are now moved to a hotel. The Red&Black regrets this error and it has since been changed.

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