Due to the scarcity of medical-grade masks during the COVID-19 pandemic, The Red & Black has compiled photos with instructions on how to make your own mask at home. We previously created step by step instructions on how to sew a mask, but these photos will show how to make a mask without needing to sew. From The Red & Black photo desk: stay safe, stay healthy and practice proper social distancing.

Step 1


Take a spare piece of cloth that you may have laying around in your home. In this case, I used and cut an old t-shirt. If you use a t-shirt, cut under the sleeves, then cut the bottom layer off so it is not too thick. You should have one rectangular, thin sheet of cloth after cutting.

Step 2


Fold your cloth into thirds, so you end with a long, slim rectangle.

Step 3


Slide an elastic onto each end of your folded cloth. In this case, I used hair elastics. If you choose to do the same, make sure that they are stretched out, or they will be too tight to work properly.

Step 4


Fold the ends of the mask onto each other, then pull the elastics to the new ends.

Step 5


This is what the end result should look like.

Step 6


Put the elastics around your ears, and you’re done!

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