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Piedmont emergency department physician Kimberly Tomlinson receives the COVID-19 vaccine on Friday, Dec. 18, 2020 in Athens, Georgia. UGA began offering vaccinations over the winter break, according to an ArchNews email. (Photo/Taylor Gerlach; taylormckenziephotography.com)

The University Health Center at the University of Georgia has received its first doses of the COVID-19 vaccines, according to a Tuesday ArchNews email from UGA President Jere Morehead, Provost Jack Hu and the Medical Oversight Task Force.

UGA began offering vaccinations over the winter break, according to the email. It has received a “limited supply” of both Moderna and Pfizer vaccines, both of which require a second dose given three to four weeks after the initial dose

While UGA does not have a precise schedule for receiving more doses for the vaccine, it anticipates regular shipments in the future. Currently, vaccine distribution is dependent on the delivery of shipments and the number of health care personnel available. The email said UGA plans to eventually administer a vaccine to everyone who wants one.

Because the vaccine takes weeks to develop immunity to COVID-19 and post-holiday cases are rising, Morehead, Hu and the task force urged the UGA community to continue social distancing, wearing a mask and participating in pop-up testing.

The email also encouraged members of the UGA community that are 65 years old and older to sign up for public vaccine options — appointments are expected to begin next week. Health care workers and people 65 and older can register for a vaccination within the Northeast Georgia Health District here.