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Despite difficulties to get into the studio this year, Athens artists are still putting out content for their fans. Here are four new releases to tune into.

"Horses" by Null

This short and hazy two-minute single, created by Super Carnival Recording's newest artist — Null, puts the listener in a daze. Recently formed, this post-punk band is experimenting with sound in a stimulating way in its song "Horses." Through rolling guitar riffs and nostalgic, muffled vocals, the tune produces an illusion almost like a fever dream. The innovative, edgy music video the band crafted for this song also helps to support this illusion.

“Green Lights - (Isolation Mix)” by Walden

The rock-quartet known as Walden created this isolation mix while looking at its 2018 hit single "Green Lights" in a new light. This new release is the band's first self-recording as a result of quarantine. The song captures steady beats that allow the melody to float up and down, crafting a peaceful ambiance. "Green Lights - (Isolation Mix)" allowed Walden to play with its sound in new, daring ways.

"Galvanic Battery" by Sacred Bull

A seven-minute-long instrumental, "Galvanic Battery," exhibits a futuristic, dystopian type of sound. This song is charged with electric guitar at its core, yet it also softly pans out different sounds that shock the ear. Eventually, the music grows louder and reaches its climax towards the end of the song. Sacred Bull will release an all-new LP called "Ragged Mountain" on Dec. 18 of this year in partnership with Full Moon Studio and Super Carnival Recordings.

"Winter (for people in love)" by Aspen Anonda

In her newest single, Aspen Anonda tells the story of a lonely holiday where she is missing the feeling of being in love during this time of year. Through soft guitar riffs that mimic the sound of sleigh bells, Anonda crafts a tune that emulates authentic holiday music but her lyrics add a melancholy twist. This release is her most recent project, following "Travel Therapy," her last single released in 2019.

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