YouTubers like JessCreationss and television actors like Greta Onieogou have taken to the video streaming platform to give their viewers the chance to contribute to worthy causes. (Sara Kurfess via Unsplash)

With millions of Americans filing for unemployment because of the nationwide COVID-19 shutdown, the question arises of how to support the Black Lives Matter movement without parting with necessary funds. The Red & Black has compiled a list of five ways people at home can contribute to the movement for free.

Stream YouTube videos

YouTuber JessCreationss and television actor Greta Onieogou have taken to the video streaming platform to give their viewers the chance to contribute to worthy causes. YouTube videos generate revenue as long as you do not skip any advertisements, and some creators donate this revenue to Black Lives Matter and similar organizations. Some YouTubers have even curated playlists of videos which all donate the ad revenue to those organizations.

Sign and make petitions has served as the main site for Black Lives Matter related petitions because of the minimal effort it requires to start one. After making an account, simply navigate to the “Start a petition” webpage and fill the spaces with required information. Signing petitions only takes a few seconds, and also allows you to share the petition on social media. Click here to get started.

Support Black businesses

Over the last few weeks, activists have made it a priority to call attention to Black-owned brands and businesses. If you’re not sure where to start, check out this Red & Black article regarding seven Black-owned businesses in Athens you can support.

Start conversations with friends and family

True change starts inside the household. Nothing great can happen when everyone is afraid to even bring up a topic as important as racism. By starting the conversation, you also serve as a positive example for younger friends or relatives who look up to you. Teach them not to judge others because of the color of their skin.

Encourage and uplift Black members of your community

Let the Black people around you know that you are their ally. Learn about their experiences being Black in this country and make it a commitment to call out acts of racism when you see them.

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