Los Compadres supermarket is seen on Friday, Sept. 18, 2020 in Athens, Georgia. (Photo/Kyle Peterson, photosbykylepeterson@gmail.com)

Hispanic Heritage Month is celebrated from Sept. 15 to Oct. 15, and there are plenty of Hispanic and Latinx owned businesses in Athens to support during this time and beyond. From barbershops to grocery stores, the Hispanic and Latinx community contributes many local businesses to the Classic City.

The Red & Black compiled a list of six Hispanic/Latinx businesses in Athens to check out during Hispanic Heritage Month.

Los Compadres, Mexican grocery store

Located in Normaltown Athens, Los Compadres has served Mexican specialties since 1990, from pan dulce or sweet bread, to fresh produce and meats. One of the founders of Los Compadres, Manuel Robledo, is also the co-founder of Agua Linda, a local Mexican restaurant. Its customer base is mostly Hispanic, according to the Normaltown website, so they serve items not typically sold in large stores, such as food from Peru, Argentina and Mexico.

Panadería Tacuari, Watkinsville bakery

Founded by an Uruguayan family, this bakery sells an assortment of pastries made by multiple family recipes passed down to the owners throughout time. The freshly baked bread and recipes are known for their simplicity and authentic tastes that come straight from their Uruguayan heritage.

Retro Age, video game shop

The owner of Retro Age, Val Fisher, identifies as a Cuban American and operates the store in the Georgia Square Mall off of Atlanta Highway. The store has two locations, one in Athens and the other in Asheville, North Carolina, and focuses on buying, selling and trading gaming systems such as Nintendo, Playstation, Xbox and even Atari.

Tito’s Professional Barbershop

This Latino barber offers haircuts and facial/beard services for “all ethnicities,” according to its Facebook. The business is located on Baxter Street, and the barbers have over 10 years of experience cutting and styling hair, according to its website.

Carniceria Costa De Jalisco, butcher shop

This butcher shop is family-owned with staple food items, meats and vegetables. It offers a variety of beef, chicken and pork products for under $10 a pound and is open seven days a week.

La Superior Bakery, wholesale bakery

La Superior Bakery is located off of Highway 29 in Hull, Georgia and is open everyday except Tuesdays from 6 a.m. to 9 p.m. This business offers many baked goods, such as pastries and cakes. It also offers hot rolls, sweet bread and tacos de feite.

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