YouTubers like JessCreationss and television actors like Greta Onieogou have taken to the video streaming platform to give their viewers the chance to contribute to worthy causes. (Sara Kurfess via Unsplash)

The University of Georgia might be closed for the time being, but that does not mean we have to forget what a typical day of college life looked like. UGA students have documented normal days of classes, homework and extracurriculars in vlog form, which is available to students, parents and UGA fans on YouTube.

If you're missing those regular days at UGA, here are some popular vloggers to check out.

Allie Merwin

Merwin is a rising senior at UGA and has documented her college journey from the start. Her channel features dorm move-in and move-out vlogs, a typical day of going to classes and videos of Merwin getting ready for the day. Her videos show many details of her life at UGA that college students are missing right now. Merwin is also vocal about student life at UGA and how she found her community at such a large university.

Taylor Stablein

As an out-of-state student from Ohio and rising sophomore, Stablein has vlogged many moments of her time spent at UGA on her YouTube channel, TayyStabs. She filmed the process of her sorority recruitment, dorm move-in and many football games. Stablein also posts Q&As about what she loves and dislikes about UGA and what it is like to be an out-of-state student.

“I’ve been trying to focus my content more on showing people what college is really like, and my overall experience at UGA, whether it be the good parts or the bad,” Stablein said in a Q&A with The Red & Black.

Isis Aryon

Aryon is a 19-year-old Atlanta native who mainly focuses her content on beauty and fashion, but that doesn’t stop her from documenting her day-to-day life at UGA. With her multiple college day in the life vlogs, she gives insight on what her life looks like as a college student, whether it’s just going to classes or getting her nails done. She documents what it's like to balance school and her passions for beauty and fashion with the multiple appointments and tasks she accomplishes, all while staying productive.

Lottie Smalley

Although Smalley just finished her time at UGA as a public relations major, she shared educational and career-assisting content intended to help those looking for a job or internship. Her “Apply With Me For Internships!” vlog includes cover letter, resumé and research advice to help those going through the same process. Recently, she has published quarantine day in the life videos and internship vlogs so her viewers can witness what her days have looked like recently and learn how to stay productive through it all.

Danielle Carolan

Carolan’s YouTube channel features vlogs from her weeks on campus, school tips and fashion and health advice geared towards college students. She is open about her life and changes she has made while being a student at UGA. The main goal of her channel is to allow people of all ages to believe in themselves, excel in school and enjoy life, she said in her channel description.

Jackeline Cabrera

Cabrera’s variety of vlogs leave no details behind. Viewers watch as she plans her day and takes them around during her first day of class. Her videos show every aspect of her day as she walks to class and completes assignments during the day, to celebrating birthdays at night. The range of these vlogs are sure to remind students of the fun times when classes were in session.

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This stuff is ok, if not a tad homogeneous. Why has the Red & Black not done an article on the popular youtube page Los Palacios. Those guys were based in Athens and did some real original stuff!!!! Not this Mickey Mouse cow patty!!!!!

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