Georgia place kicker Rodrigo Blankenship (98) runs after a play at the beginning of the first half of the SEC Championship game between the #2 Auburn Tigers and the #6 Georgia Bulldogs in Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta, Georgia, on Saturday, Dec. 2, 2017. (Photo/Casey Sykes, www.caseysykes.com)

The University of Georgia’s reigning rap star, running back Sony Michel, has graduated and gone on to the NFL draft. However, as of Sunday April 15, Georgia football’s musical void may be filled.

On April 15, kicker Rodrigo Blankenship released the SoundCloud single “ATD,” an homage to head coach Kirby Smart’s catchphrase “Attack the Day.” The track features Amazing Ming and was produced by Darkside.

Blankenship, or “Blanko” as he refers to himself on the track, opens by saying he has a “new anthem for that new breed of dawgs.” The line is possibly a reference to Michel’s 2015 song “UGA Anthem,” which was remixed with Rich Homie Quan for Michel’s album “The Humble Hustle” in July 2017.

Blanko’s vocals are backed by a jazzy track that melts into trap, in general contrast to Michel’s solid rap backing.

Despite the different styles, both burgeoning rappers cover similar topics. Their lyrics almost exclusively refer to football, namely the fact that they’re on the field for the game, not the fame.

Sony Michel’s single “Attack the Day” (another Kirby Smart homage and possible Blanko inspiration) mostly references UGA’s dominance, rapping “we’re gonna be representing Dawg Nation, top form / nothing less.”

Similarly, on “ATD,” Blanko raps “With all these weapons that we got, all we gon’ do is score.”

When it comes to who did it best, it’s difficult to say.

It’s easy to say that Michel has a deeper repertoire, what with introspective tracks like “Humble Beginnings” and “Thoughts & Memories” off of “The Humble Hustle.”

However, this is Blanko’s first track. It’s almost impossible to judge whether Rodrigo’s sometimes-awkward flow will smooth out or if his sometimes-forced lyrics will improve. Michel has had three more years of music and rap experience than Blanko, making it unfair to assess the players side by side.

The answer to who raps best on the Georgia football team will only come if Blanko releases more tracks. Until then, “ATD” and “UGA Anthem” will most likely appear on the G-Day warm-up playlist.

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