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The Glass Cube, an outdoor art exhibition space, is located right outside of the Indigo Hotel in downtown Athens. (Photo/Christopher Carson,

A new holographic art instillation at Hotel Indigo will capture both pedestrian and drivers’ eyes in the form of a sparkling, vinyl Rainbow Cube.

This site-specific installation is located at the Athens branch of Hotel Indigo, which often features artists throughout the year in its indoor gallery, as well as its outdoor installation space called the GlassCube.

Didi Dunphy, the gallery director and curator for Hotel Indigo, said each satellite hotel has a theme centered on the particular city’s strength. Given Athens’ strong art and music presence, the local branch supports the visual arts by hosting four gallery shows a year and two GlassCube exhibits.

Dunphy said the GlassCube is site-specific, and the works featured within the outdoor space are not replicated anywhere else.

“I look for artists who do large-scale sculptural works, usually including light, kinetics or robotics,” Dunphy said. “Every time, it’s a new work just for that space by the artist.”

The Rainbow Cube exhibit was created by Candice Greathouse and Curtis Ames, two visual artists and curators based in Atlanta.

Running from April to Halloween of 2017, the exhibition space will occupy the GlassCube and turn the area into an interactive, holographic art experience.

“There are no rainbows without human observers—an idea that touches on the essence

of aesthetic experience,” Greathouse said in a press statement about the installation’s inspiration.

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The Glass Cube, an outdoor art exhibition space, is located right outside of the Indigo Hotel in downtown Athens, Ga. (Photo/Christopher Carson,

Greathouse said this installation will allow people to view rainbows on a more physical platform.

“When it comes to the rainbow … There is no object you can walk around, approach or touch,” Greathouse said in the statement. “This site-specific installation operates as a meditation, translating and giving form to the intangible.”

Ames and Greathouse reached out to Dunphy, who knew of the duo’s work, and drew up the concepts and planning. Rainbow Cube will join the nearly dozen other installation pieces that have been featured.

“The artist really has to dream up something that works day or night, in all weather and to be viewable 24/7,” Dunphy said. “[Rainbow Cube] uses a simple process of applying holographic vinyl film, and by walking or driving by, it refracts the light and creates rainbow auras.”

Rainbow Cube will shine with different colors both throughout the day and from different angles due to the film refracting and reflecting light, visible to pedestrians and those driving past the hotel.

Collaboratively, these artists have been featured together at the High Museum of Art and Atlanta Contemporary Art Center. Ames and Greathouse both studied at Georgia State University, where they received MFAs in drawing and painting, and photography and art history, respectively.

In addition to Rainbow Cube, the pair will launch a show they will curate at the Athens Institute of Contemporary Art, which will open the first weekend of May.


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