Brussels Sprouts

Roasted brussels sprouts are crispy and flavorful.

With Thanksgiving right around the corner, common foods that come to mind include turkey, cranberry sauce, mashed potatoes, macaroni and cheese and even pumpkin pie. Traditional foods can get a bit redundant, so whether you’ll be attending a friendsgiving or the annual get-together where your aunt asks who you’re dating, The Red & Black has compiled a list of seven unexpected, yet delectable dishes for this season. 

Brussel sprouts

Instead of going for the “been-there-done-that” green beans, try Brussel sprouts. Not only are they in season, but they pair nicely with balsamic, feta or any acidic touch. This recipe makes it easy to cook Brussel sprouts with simple ingredients: garlic, parmesan, olive oil, salt and pepper. The drier the Brussels sprouts, the crispier they’ll get while being cooked. 

Cheesy onion casserole 

While there are many variations of Thanksgiving casseroles, common ones include sweet potato, green beans or corn. Spice up your casserole this year by going for onion, and the ingredients are simple: butter, onions, cheese, cream of chicken soup, milk, soy sauce and french bread. 

Pot pie

Pot pie speaks for itself: ranging from every meat to every vegetable, pot pie is an easy crowd pleaser. Perfect for picky crowds, piping hot fillings and flakey crust will appease all. Pies are also perfect post-thanksgiving leftovers as well. 

Sausage stuffing balls

Stuffing may be non-negotiable for some Thanksgiving lovers, but sausage stuffing balls take the beloved dish to another level. These bite-sized appetizers are basically made the same way as traditional stuffing, but with sausage and rolled into spheres. This recipe also includes a cranberry dipping glaze for dipping. 

Rosemary goat cheese biscuits

There’s no denying that carbs are in abundance at Thanksgiving feasts, and these biscuits are no exception. While it’s easy to buy pre-made rolls and call it a day, this rosemary goat cheese biscuit recipe will be both unpredictable and delicious. Ingredients in this recipe are likely ones you'll already have on hand, such as flour and heavy cream. If you don’t want to be running far and wide to find a specific ingredient, these may be the move for you. 

Pasta salad

Ditch the store bought macaroni and cheese and make a personalized pasta salad that can be enjoyed cold or warm. This seasonal one is perfect for Thanksgiving with ingredients like roasted sweet potato, broccoli, cranberries and toasted pine nuts. This dish is also perfect for those on the fly, just cut up some veggies on hand and mix it all together.

Apple pie cheesecake

Keep it American with the apple pie, but spice it up a bit with a rich and creamy spin. This recipe serves eight and merges a stand-alone cheesecake recipe and stand-alone apple pie filling recipe. Whether it’s pumpkin pie cheesecake, or apple pie tarts, change up the traditional pie for something similar in taste but different in base.


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