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The Georgia Museum of Art will display two new exhibits starting July 17. (Photo Courtesy/Georgia Museum of Art)

While most people are still relaxing and enjoying lazy vacation days at this time in July, the Athens art scene is hard at work.

Art organizations around Athens have worked through the summer, and various exhibits and displays are coming to the city in the coming weeks. The Red & Black compiled a list of what visual arts to look out for over the summer and into the fall.

Athens Institute for Contemporary Art (ATHICA)

ATHICA announced two new exhibits that will be coming to its locations this summer.

Local artist Greg Benson’s latest paintings will be on display at ATHICA’s Cine gallery starting on July 5. Benson said these oil landscape paintings document his efforts to let go of concepts such as expectations and control, according to a June press release.

On July 7, a new exhibit entitled “TRIO” will be on display at ATHICA’s primary location on Pulaski Street. It features three artists who were selected from an open call for entries. The exhibit will display aluminum panels, embroidery and photography.

“This trio of artists use different approaches to convey a common theme of space, isolation, hidden messages, and bleakness,” ATHICA board president Jon Vogt said.

Georgia Museum of Art

The Georgia Museum of Art will have two new exhibits showing on July 17, according to its website.

Artist Kota Ezawa in “The Crime of Art” utilizes light-boxes and video animations to tell the stories of popular and infamous museum heists. The “Neo-Abstraction” exhibit, made up of personal donations from John and Sara Shlesinger, will showcase abstract, contemporary art.

Lyndon House Arts Center

The Lyndon House Arts Center will display four new exhibits open to the public starting July 24, according to a press release.

The first exhibition is a series of abstract paintings entitled “Expressing the Inner World.” The paintings are by members of the Inside Out art group, which the press release described as artists that “create non-objective artworks that make the inner-self visible through color, mark-making, and textures.”

The center will also display the “Something I’ve Been Meaning To Tell You” exhibit by artists Julie Wills and Brian Hitselberger. The exhibit will be created in a unique way — each artist will work independently in their own studio, but via keeping an active dialogue with each other, plan to create a joint exhibit.

Other displays include an exhibition of paintings entitled “I vs. Me” and modernist sculptures from the “Legacy of Loyd Florence.”

North Oconee River Greenway

The Athens Cultural Affairs Commission announced a public art display entitled “Rainbow Forest” that will be installed on the North Oconee River Greenway. The work will be done by Los Angeles based designer Andrew Kovacs, along with local artist assistants Eli Saragoussi and Patrick Sprague.

“Rainbow Forest” will be a crossover between architecture and art, consisting of 36 brightly colored columns, according to an Athens-Clarke County Leisure Services press release. It will be installed later this summer.

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