Everyday dogs

The Athens-based rock band Everyday Dogs has released acoustic covers on their YouTube channel once a week since January. (Photo/Emmie Harvard, Courtesy/Everyday Dogs)

The Athens-based rock band Everyday Dogs has released acoustic covers on their YouTube channel once a week since January. The lead singer, Julian Inglima, and guitarist, Jesse Inglima, both have ties to the University of Georgia, where Julian is a senior and Jesse graduated in 2018.

Growing up together in Alpharetta, the brothers said their love for music started at an early age.

“I was definitely a part of the guitar hero generation,” Jesse Inglima said. “When those games came out, I knew I wanted to [play music] on an actual guitar.”

The two met the other members of their band, drummer, Jack Gregg, and bass guitar player, Tyler Griffith, while working on the worship team at a summer camp. The group quickly discovered they had similar tastes in music and would incorporate hard-rock songs into their set list of worship tunes.

“We all had the same passion for music,” Julian Inglima said, reflecting on how quickly the group came together.

The band went through a number of name changes before settling on the band name, Everyday Dogs — which shares the name of a song from their first EP. Jesse Inglima said they chose the name because it doesn’t immediately indicate a certain music style, allowing room for the band to take their sound in any direction.

Given Athens’ reputable music scene, Jesse Inglima said that the band has felt the weight of other local artists' legacies and respects the culture surrounding music in the city. The band has played in famous Athens venues like 40 Watt Club and the Classic Center, and said they have felt the “aura” of all the bands that have played in those places before them.

“The spirit of musicianship that comes with being in Athens has really inspired us,” Jesse Inglima said.

Everyday Dogs has a wide range of influences outside of Athens, too. They describe their style as “high-octane rock and roll,” and Jesse Inglima said they’re particularly inspired by classic '80s hard rockers like Slash, grunge musicians like Kurt Cobain and punk bands.

The band plans to release more original music by the end of May but in the meantime is releasing weekly acoustic covers as a way to expand their online presence and introduce more people to their band. Julian Inglima said they’ve also used these covers to experiment with playing different genres of music.

“It’s been fun to experiment and put our own little twist on them,” Julian Inglima said about the songs they’ve covered, which have ranged from modern hits by Billie Eilish and Machine Gun Kelly to classics by the Beatles and AC/DC.

The band said that the pandemic has limited their opportunities to perform, but that having fewer performances has allowed them to work more on finding their musical identity.

“[The pandemic has] given us a little bit more creative liberty,” Julian Inglima said. “We’re solidifying our sound.”