The Orange Constant

The Orange Constant in concert at the 23rd annual Athfest Music and Arts festival in Athens, Georgia. (Photo/Julian Alexander)

While Athens businesses have been slowly reopening and recovering, local musicians have been hard at work. The Red & Black has compiled a list of local artists across multiple genres who have released new projects over the past few months of quarantine.


On July 3, producer and rapper WesdaRuler dropped “Dance Bii,” a nearly 30-minute dance mix covering a multitude of genres of music. Powerful lyricism and a fun flow make this song one you’ll want to get up and dance to.


Released June 19, “In Retrospect” is pop-R&B artist Anthoni’s debut album. The 12-track album hones in on the ups and downs of a relationship and has received over 6,000 streams on Spotify.

Seline Haze

Hip-hop artist Seline Haze released “Haze” on June 5. The six-track EP is dedicated to the mental and physical struggles she has faced as a Black woman.

We Versus The Shark

Goodbye Guitar,” released June 19, is We Versus The Shark’s first album since the band’s split in 2009. Including a few singles released months prior to the album’s drop, the album consists of 10 songs and combines upbeat punk rock with groovy, low-energy lo-fi.


Mushy Gushy” is the latest single released by indie-pop duo Chapel. Describing the honeymoon phase of a relationship, the song is both upbeat and lighthearted. “Mushy Gushy” was released May 29.

The Orange Constant

The Orange Constant’s third album, “Peel,” dropped May 12. Produced by Grammy-nominated Athens native John Keane, “Peel” is nine tracks of alternative rock with a tinge of funk.


On April 17, Bloomfield released its newest single, “Now’s The Time.” The song inspires listeners to cherish time and to live in the moment. “Now’s The Time” is one of the first songs the band has played live while together and is one of their favorites, the band collectively said.

The Family Recipe

The Family Recipe’s debut album, "Roads," was released April 10 and consists of entirely instrumental songs. The five-member ensemble described the album as a musical journey for both themselves and those listening.

Divine Mind

Rock band Divine Mind released its single “Bored!” on March 26. The song was inspired by drummer Alex Bower having to spend time without his girlfriend during the summer of 2019. The single will be part of a new EP which will drop on an undetermined later date.