People await the opening of Alumni Cookie Dough, opened by Jennifer and Mike Dollander, on Friday, Jan. 18 at 480 N. Thomas St in Athens, Georgia. (Photo/Tony Walsh)

After what feels like a rollercoaster of weather changes over the past few months in Georgia, it finally feels like spring has sprung and summer is just around the corner. Athens is known for its sweltering heat in the summer months, so to prepare you we compiled a list of drinks you can grab at some local restaurants, to help beat the heat.

Alumni Cookie Dough’s S’more Goodness Milkshake

Dive into Alumni Cookie Dough’s delicious summertime flavor, S’more Goodness in the form of a milkshake as the nights begin to get warmer. Made with creamed butter, brown sugar, fresh marshmallows and chocolate chips, this flavor encompasses the vibe of a summer night surrounding the campfire. Make it a milkshake with vanilla or chocolate ice cream and get the best of both worlds.

Spiced Chai Frosty Joe from Jittery Joe’s

If you’re looking for a treat to pack a punch, the Spiced Chai Frosty Joe from Jittery Joe’s has you covered. With the cinnamon and nutmeg effervescence and the sweet whipped cream topping the frosted chai slush, this drink is the perfect way to spice up a warm Monday.

Taro Milk Tea at Bubble Cafe

Located on College Avenue, Bubble Cafe has the boba tea everyone needs for their summer aesthetic. Try to the Taro Milk Tea for a creamy, sweet, original flavor to cut the hot Georgia heat. Take it with the original style with tapioca boba or branch out with lychee jelly, yogurt popping boba, coffee jelly or one of the many other toppings Bubble Cafe has to offer.

Four Fat Cows’ root beer float

For a classic summer treat, Four Fat Cows has one of the simplest and most satisfying drinks to split or savor all to yourself. Made with IBC root beer and house-made vanilla bean ice cream, their root beer float is sure to cure a sweet tooth and bring back summertime childhood memories. Try one of their other floats, such as affogato, Coke, ginger ale or “chococherry” if root beer isn’t your soda of choice.

Clocked!’s Chai Latte Shake

Another chai tea on the same list, however, both so unique in flavor. For a drink to dip your french fries in, this shake is the ticket! Made with three ingredients, chai spices, milk and vanilla ice cream, this milkshake cuts the greasy Athens-favorite burgers while keeping it simple.  

Plan B at Allgood Lounge

For those over 21 in the Athens area, Allgood Lounge has you covered for a great drink to accompany a beautiful Georgia sunset. The Plan B signature cocktail, made with Malibu coconut rum, blue island liqueur, pineapple juice and sprite promises a breezy beach day vibe. Get it from the tiki bar located on the second floor to fully immerse yourself in a summertime vacation.

Walker’s Coffee and Pub’s iced coffee

Keep it sweet and simple with an iced coffee from Walker’s Coffee and Pub located in the heart of downtown Athens. Walker’s has a plethora of coffee flavors so branching out with flavor combinations such as hazelnut and caramel possible for only $2. Get your caffeine fix with some spare change as it heats up outside.

Jane’s Favorite Lavender Iced Tea at Ike & Jane

Another drink to avoid breaking the bank with is Jane’s Favorite Lavender Iced Tea priced at $1.75. This drink is light and sweet, with the fresh hint of lavender to turn your tea up a notch. A helpful hint is to bring your own mug and get coffee and tea for only $1.

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