Cola Fizz will perform alongside Nicole Paige Brooks and Atlanta-based drag performers Dotte Com and Mo’Dest Volgare on Feb. 6. (Photo/Kaley Lefevre, kaley.lefevre@gmail.com)

Nicole Paige Brooks, a drag performer from Season 2 of “RuPaul’s Drag Race,” will make an appearance at the FEMME show at Sister Louisa’s Church on Feb. 6.

The event, hosted by Alex Suarez, is the second FEMME show of the new year and the first to feature a drag queen from “RuPaul’s Drag Race” as one of its performers. Other talent at the upcoming show will include Cola Fizz of The Kourtesans and Atlanta-based drag performers Dotte Com and Mo’Dest Volgare.

When creating the FEMME show as a whole, Suarez opted to not have a set group of performers after being influenced by a show he saw in Atlanta. He branched off from that model, made the show a monthly occurrence and now invites a new cast every month.

It all went down in the Instagram DMs: Suarez was easily able to reach out to Brooks via Instagram about performing at the February FEMME show because he has collaborated with Brooks in the past, he said.

Dotte Com, who has attended several Kourtesans performances, stated that the audience of the shows in Athens were “really different” from those in Atlanta.

“For me I’m usually used to performing for queer audiences,” Dotte Com said. “To see people coming together regardless of their orientation is really amazing.”

FEMME has “set the bar a little bit higher for Athens” and “made a new standard” with each cast’s levels of professionalism and performance, Suarez said.

“People get to see real talent cherry picked from the best people that I know,” Suarez said.

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