Kxng Blanco performed at 23rd annual AthFest Music and Arts Festival on June 22, 2019 in Athens, Georgia. (Photo/Daniela Rico)

A little over six months after the release of his first studio album, “Crown,” 19-year-old Athens rapper Kxng Blanco is back with his second project, “Skee Yee!”

Named after a popular catch phrase used by Blanco and his friends during high school, “Skee Yee!” is a 10-track hip-hop/rap album with a 23-minute run time.

Released under independent record label GA Pro Entertainment, Blanco’s sophomore album does not disappoint. “Skee Yee!” is a body of work showcasing an artist who is creating something fresh and new in an industry filled with imitation. The authenticity is palpable.

Making music is an emotional process for the artist. These songs are “based off my feelings,” Blanco said. He “shed a few tears” while creating “Krissy” in the studio. Like “Champions,” it’s a song about the heartbreak he endured during his last relationship.

The song “RR Flow,” which foreshadows Kxng Blanco’s rise to the top, is the most lyrically impressive track on the album.

“Voicemail” details Blanco’s irresistible attraction to a love interest, but also highlights his flow and enunciation.

“5 Star,” the album’s first track, is the artist’s personal favorite off of “Skee Yee!” and is already Blanco’s most popular song on Spotify. With its slow verses and drawn out syllables, “5 Star” highlights Blanco’s personal rap style and starts off the album with a bang.

Brutally honest lines like “I can’t lie baby, I want you in the worst way,” and “I pick you up Monday, drop you off Sunday,” stand out in the song that has quickly become a favorite among listeners.

Track nine, “P.O.E” or “Product of Environment,” is a look into Blanco’s life and the surroundings. Similar to the emotions he isn’t afraid to voice through his music, Blanco isn’t shy about where he comes from. The new “P.O.E” music video captures both the community and the places in Athens that made him who he is today.

Seeming to be a focal point of the album, the production of ‘Skee Yee!” is impressive and colorful.

Elements of rock were borrowed for the production of “Spazz!”, a collaboration with another local artist, Squalle. Blanco’s uniquely constructed intros often leave a feeling of nostalgia that you just can’t place your finger on, and his youth is ever-present in the way radio-friendly standards are dismissed.

Whether it’s with songs that would be too short if it weren’t for their lyrical excellence, intros and outros that take their time, Blanco doesn’t come across as an artist that hesitates to take a risk.

His artistry may be young and raw, but his talent is undeniable. With limited features and an imaginative production, “Skee Yee!” is a successful and confident move forward for Kxng Blanco.

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