ATHICA Juried Exhibition

The 2019 Yellow Juried Exhibition will begin on Aug. 17 from 6-9 p.m. and will feature an array of artwork from 32 artists from the Southeast and beyond. 

Often labeled as the “happy” color, the conceptualization of the color yellow will be pushed beyond stereotypes at the Athens Institute for Contemporary Art’s Yellow: 2019 Juried Exhibition, Aug. 17 from 6-9 p.m. 

The exhibition is expected to feature a wide variety of mediums, venturing into both traditional and non-traditional art forms, unified by a single color. 

ATHICA, a nonprofit organization based in Athens, strives to provide an environment where contemporary art can flourish to foster the conversation between artists and art lovers in the community. Founded in the early 2000s, the organization continues to maintain its original goal of making studios and nonprofit gallery spaces available for practicing artists

As an independent organization, ATHICA is able to work outside of constraints and expectations which often accompany government-supported institutions. Such freedom to provide performances from music to film and featured guest speakers allows ATHICA to enrich the community by expressing a wide range of cultures. The upcoming exhibition was pursued with the intention of maintaining this drive.

“All of the work has some relationship to the concept of yellow,” Lauren Fancher, the board president and operations coordinator for ATHICA, said. 

Fancher said she is excited to employ the talent and expertise of curator, Kevin Sipp. Sipp is a graduate from the Atlanta College of Art who currently works as Gallery 72’s Cultural affairs and public art coordinator. 

“I came in through the back door,” Sipp said, a phrase he commonly uses when describing his journey to becoming an art curator. 

Sipp never expected to find himself in this field and is thoroughly passionate about every aspect of his job. His love of bringing artists together in a manner which is visually compelling for the viewer is to him much like making music.

“If I’m making people step out of their comfort zone, I’m doing my job,” Sipp said. 

With this in mind, he approached ATHICA’s 2019 Juried Exhibition with a preference for artists who were pushing the boundaries of normalcy. 

Sipp firmly believes an exhibition can be enriched by a variety of artists’ backgrounds and lifestyles. Fancher announced the exhibition will be featuring 32 artists from and beyond the Southeast region, even so far as to include Michigan, Texas, Indiana and Massachusetts

“The one thing ATHICA tries to do is bring the world into Athens, bringing artists from other communities, other locations, to create the kind of place that if you were in a big city you would have access to,” Fancher said.

After viewing the exhibit there will be a yellow dance party fundraiser with yellow-colored food, and attendees are encouraged to wear yellow in celebration of the theme.

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