Local artist Patrick Dean poses for a picture outside his home in Watkinsville, Georgia on Friday, Nov. 6, 2020. Despite being diagnosed with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis in 2018, Dean continues to create comics and illustrations. (Photo/Jessica Gratigny; @jgratphoto)

Avid Bookshop will host Athens cartoonist, Patrick Dean, via Zoom on Nov. 23 at 7 p.m. to celebrate his first graphic novel “Eddie’s Week.” Tickets can be found on the Avid Bookshop website with pay-what-you-can pricing.

“Eddie’s Week” follows Eddie Lubomir as he creates a web of lies to protect his newest roommate Randall, a convict placed in his care through the city of Tragoston’s Stay at Home Warden Project, according to the Avid Bookshop website.

The event will feature an interview with Dean by another local illustrator, Eleanor Davis. Since Dean uses an eyegaze device to communicate, the interview was done beforehand and Dean will share his answers live on the Zoom call, Davis said.

In an email, Dean said Davis did “a wonderful interview with thoughtful questions the Zoom audience will enjoy.” Davis said she talked to Dean about everything from his influences growing up to his early works.

The event will also feature a roundtable discussion with Davis, Hillary Brown and Robert Newsome. Davis said she volunteered to participate in the roundtable because she wants people to see Dean’s book, and thought it’d be a good opportunity to talk about his work because he is “criminally unknown considering how great his stuff is.”

Davis said she originally wasn’t sure what to expect from “Eddie’s Week” but thought the book ended up “terrific.”

“It does a really good job of still retaining all that humor and energy and joy of his shorter stories or comics, but then also having this sweetness and melancholy that kind of underpin it with a sense of humanity and seriousness, which I really think makes it something special,” Davis said.

“Eddie’s Week” was Dean’s first long-form project. He’d previously written 20-40 page stories and created a weekly comic strip for Flagpole Magazine.

“If I was going to work on a bigger project, I wanted to have fun with it,” Dean said. “So I wrote a crime/comedy with a few monsters thrown in. Writing a 190 page comic was a challenge but I had a ball piecing it together.”

Dean said he is looking forward to the event, and that the great thing about virtual book events is that you don’t have to leave your home to attend. He said Avid Bookshop has put in a lot of work to continue its events despite COVID-19 and he appreciates that it has taken the pandemic seriously.

Dean said Newsome, Brown and Davis have planned some surprises for the event so attendees will have to excuse him if he gets a little emotional.