Avid Bookshop will temporarily close its sales floor. (Photo/Ellie Cash)

On Tuesday, April 10 from 6 to 7 p.m. Avid Bookshop in Five Points will host local chef Eddie Hernandez as he demonstrates recipes from his new cookbook, “Turnip Greens & Tortillas: A Mexican Chef Spices Up the Southern Kitchen.” Hernandez will also be signing books inside the shop after the demo has finished.

Rachel Kaplan is an event director who has overseen multiple book launches and demonstration-type events for Avid Bookshop.

“Because Eddie has Taqueria Del Sol in Athens, they wanted to do a launch event in Athens to celebrate where he is and where one of his restaurants is. And we’re really happy to be hosting his launch event,” Kaplan said.

This event is open to the public, free of charge. The attendees will get to see Hernandez demo some of the more than 125 recipes featured in his new book. The cookbook centers around traditional Southern dishes that are intensified by Mexican-influenced twists.

“We expect that during the demo, Eddie will chat about his book and how he started writing it, and after the demo, he will sign books inside the shop,” Kaplan said.

Avid Bookshop uses these events to invite the local community into a welcoming environment where they are able to get in touch with their literary, culinary and social selves.

“We’ve actually been very lucky,” Kaplan said. “Athens is such a great culinary town that we’ve had a few culinary events. It's kind of an ongoing theme with us to try and work with the wonderful chefs and culinary people in town.”

There is no doubt that there are definitely plenty of places in Athens to get your foodie fix. And with this event, attendees can get a taste of what dining in Hernandez’s kitchen is like at no cost to them.

“Definitely getting to taste the food is always a wonderful part of the event,” Kaplan said.

Avid Bookshop seeks to support the projects by artists in the local community, and this event is no different.

“In general we love hosting author’s events because it brings the community together and encourages people to support authors and their works,” Kaplan said. “We specifically enjoy hosting culinary events like Eddie’s because Athens has a voracious appetite for gastronomy, and these events really celebrate that foodie culture. And so I love bringing people together both for the love of the literature and the love of the food.”

If you’re looking for a fun and fresh Tuesday night, you might want to take the quick trip to Avid Bookshop in Five Points and be a part of this inaugural and celebratory event.

“It’s a great merging of both worlds,” Kaplan said. “We have customers that either know the chef and they’re excited to read the book, or they’re not very familiar but they’re discovering something new and it’s a great time.”