Brent Cobb

Brent Cobb to bring his country-funk sound to the iconic Georgia Theatre on Jan. 18. 

Translating his passion for music into a Grammy nomination for Best Americana Album, Georgia native Brent Cobb will be bringing his distinct blend of country-funk to the Georgia Theatre on Jan. 18 at 9 p.m.

The show is the third stop on his “Sucker for a Good Time” tour celebrating the release of his newest record, "Providence Canyon." The album, like his earlier music, reflects his southern roots in both lyrics and sound.

"Providence Canyon" was inspired by Georgia,” Cobb said. “The whole state of Georgia. The rhythm and the cadence to the way people talk, and just the way of life here.”

Cobb is a Georgia-native who was born in Americus, a very small town in the southern part of the state. Much of his music reflects his southern values, his lyrics often explore themes such as family, friendship and focusing on what is important in life.

All the while presenting images of calm, modest small towns and the emotions evoked as one drives through them and experiences the peace they can offer, Cobb explains his sound is heavily based on his life in rural environments.

Cobb’s dedication to his roots has yielded quite a successful career. He saw an influx of recognition following the release of his earlier album and major label debut “Shine On Rainy Day,” which earned a nomination for Best Americana Album at the 60th Grammy Awards.

Cobb emphasized that the common themes about Southern identity and lifestyles can be found in both of these records, but he expressed that "Providence Canyon" carries a slightly different energy.

“It’s definitely a little harder-hitting, a little more rock. There’s more of a back-beat. It’s more like driving music,” Cobb said. “Whereas ‘Shine On Rainy Day’ feels like ‘hanging around the house on a Sunday music’, this is more ‘hitting the road on a Friday music.’”

Cobb’s music conveys much of his own identity as a Georgian and an artist, and his unique blend of country and funk music has become one of his most distinctive features.

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