A view of Ciné movie theatre on Jan. 20, 2019 on West Hancock street in Athens, Georgia. Ciné is a two screen theatre that shows a variety of different generes, often in special screenings. (Photo/Julian Alexander)

For some of us, the spring is dreary at times, especially with finals on the way. Luckily, for those looking to get a few good screenings in here and there, there are films waiting at Ciné this semester for movie-lovers. We compiled a list of seven can’t-miss movies to kick you out of your spring funk.

1. ‘The Field Guide to Evil

Original release: March 11, 2018 (U.S.)

“The Field Guide to Evil” is an anthology horror film created by nine directors from around the globe. The feature film consists of eight folklore tales specific to the various regions each director calls home, from Turkey to the U.K., to Poland to India and Greece.

2. ‘Never Look Away

Original release: Oct. 3, 2018 (Germany)

“Never Look Away” is a Sony Picture Classic release following 30 years in the life of a young artist named Kurt Barnert, who escapes East Germany and lives in West Germany. It follows the hardships of his childhood witnessing the regime of Nazi Germany as it spans to the generation to post-war East Berlin. The unfolding of events from 1930-1960 includes Barnert falling in love with a young student, Ellie, and the manifestation of paintings that reflect the suffering of a generation. The film, which runs a little over two hours, has been nominated for two Academy Awards, the Best Foreign Language Film and Best Cinematography categories.

3. Gloria Bell’  

Original release: March 8, 2019 (U.S.)

The comedy, “Gloria Bell” depicts a middle-aged woman named Gloria played by Julianne Moore as an unapologetic divorcée who spends her days working for an insurance company and her nights on the dance floors across Los Angeles. The mother of two is on a journey set out to help find herself. She ends up in an unexpected romance with Arnold, a fellow divorcée set out to do the same.

4. Hidden Rivers

Original release: 2013 (U.S.)

The documentary hones in on the Southern Appalachian rivers and streams, North America’s most biologically rich waters. It delves into the work of conservation biologists and the precautions they’re taking to protect it. Ciné will present the documentary with a “light hors d’œuvre reception, gallery viewing of photos from Freshwaters Illustrated and a panel discussion following the screening with the filmmaker, southeastern aquatic conservation professionals and local interdisciplinary arts researchers.” The reception and exhibit on Wednesday, April 17, will start at 6:30 p.m. and the screening and discussion will begin at 7:30 p.m.

5. ‘Amazing Grace

Original release: April 5, 2019 (U.S.)

“Amazing Grace” was new to theaters as of April 5, 2019, but isn’t new to those who adore Aretha Franklin. The name of the 87-minute documentary is also the name of Franklin’s 1972 album, “Amazing Grace.” The record was her most successful and the best-selling live gospel album of all time. The catch is the film has remained unseen or finished for the last 46 years — until now. The film was set to be released by Warner Bros. in 1972 but was a challenge to complete. Guest filmmaker Alan Elliott will be attending the showing at Ciné on Friday, April 19. Elliott has worked with recording companies such as Atlantic Records and has associated with performers such as Prince and Paul Simon. He’s worked on “Amazing Grace” for decades and is finally here to share Franklin’s legendary performance.

6. ‘En el séptimo día

Original release: June 8, 2018 (U.S.)

“En el séptimo día” or “On the Seventh Day,” walks through the life of a fictional community of undocumented immigrants residing in Brooklyn during a week’s time. These men devote six out of seven days of the week to their jobs as construction workers, dishwashers and delivery men. On Sunday, the day of rest, they spend their hours on the soccer fields of Sunset Park, Brooklyn. The team’s captain, José, is over the moon when his favorite soccer team makes it to the finals but the plot thickens when José’s boss tells him it’s mandatory to work on the Sunday of the game.

7. ‘Avengers: Endgame

Original release: April 26, 2019 (U.S.)

“Avengers: Endgame” will be the 22nd movie in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. This highly-anticipated film captures the Avengers in a world after Thanos eliminated half of the universe’s population, and the team’s attempts to reverse this massacre. The directors of the film, the Russo brothers, are adamant about minimizing spoilers so little is known about the actual plot of the movie. However. this will be the last in the series of Marvel films including “Captain America,” “Iron Man,” “Black Panther” and many others. The film will also feature an ode to Stan Lee, Marvel’s creator who passed away in November 2018. Lee has been in every Marvel movie to date and will have a cameo in “Endgame,” as the movie was filmed prior to his passing.

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