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Iron Horse (Photo/Gabriella Audi,

Winter is here, and with it comes the inevitable cuffing season. Being cuffed, or “boo-d up” are terms to describe being in a relationship in 2019. Finding dates aside from “Netflix and chilling” becomes increasingly more difficult as it becomes cooler, but there are several places in Athens which support both cuffing season and getting off the couch. Spice up your winter date nights with these chill, cheap date night spots.  

HYBAR Rooftop Bar at the Hyatt Place 

Found right down the street from all of the local bars, the HYBAR at the Hyatt is a great spot for a first or second date. Overlooking all of Athens, this is an impressive hidden gem that could really woo your special someone. String lights line the perimeter of this roof, as you sit aside one of the heaters. Choose from a small list of entrees and a full service bar for drinks. 

The Iron Horse

About 25 minutes from campus, the Iron Horse is a secluded scene to lay under the stars and have philosophical conversations. The horse itself, which is quite large and dark after sundown, marks a landmark in the middle of an open field. Bring a blanket or two and maybe some snacks to make the most of the clear sky. A good app to download is SkyView, which lets you see the constellations in real time. 

The Georgia Museum of Art on Thursday 

If you are feeling like you need a good walk but also want the luxury of keeping warm and holding decent conversation, the Georgia Museum of Art is open until 9 p.m. on Thursdays. For no cost at all you and your partner can admire all of the art while you admire each other’s company.

Lake Herrick at the Intramural Fields 

With a bridge crossing over the lake, this is a magical spot for a first date. Take a few laps around the lake on the paved path or simply sit on the dock and talk. If you and your date are feeling sporty, bring a soccer ball and pass it around on one of the many fields to keep warm. If you decide to stay later in the day you have a perfect view at the sunset or to look at the stars. 

The Rook and Pawn 

For the simple reason that there is little that can be considered more captivating than playing endless board games, The Rook and Pawn is a great place to park it and stay for several hours. While you don’t have to purchase drinks, they have a wide selection of options to choose from, as well as hundreds of games. Get competitive with bae and bring out Battleship. 

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