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With shelter-in-places across the country continuing, certain companies have begun offering their services for free or announced deals to help the community during this time. From fitness to education, The Red & Black has compiled a list of free trials and discounts offered during the pandemic.

For your physical health

Peloton is extending their free trial period to 90 days, granting access to all exercise sessions available on the company’s app. Workouts are separated into categories like yoga, strength building and bootcamp exercises. A Peloton bike or treadmill is not needed to complete all exercises. Sign up by April 30 to secure the deal.

Orangetheory uploads a free 50-minute workout video every day on their website accessible to both members and non-members. Coaches from all over the United States and Canada take turns creating new at-home sessions focusing on strengthening different parts of the body each day. Check out all the videos made so far here.


SiriusXM is offering its Premier streaming package for free through May 15, which allows access to unlimited music online and through the SiriusXM app. This offer also includes access to radio personality Howard Stern’s talk show, the Howard Stern Show. Start listening here.

For your mental health

Headspace is a mental wellness app that leads users through meditations selected by the listener. Headspace is offering free access to select meditations, while healthcare workers are granted access to all the benefits of Headspace Plus, the app’s most expensive package. Educators are granted access to many benefits as well. Access this deal here.

Mindfulness app Calm is providing free access to prerecorded meditations and soundscapes to the general public. Useful for all ages, Calm offers a multitude of auditory resources dedicated to tackling stress, anxiety and insomnia. To start listening, click here.

For college students

Coursera is a website featuring a wide array of college courses and degree programs from different schools all over the world. Coursera for Campus, the company’s coronavirus response initiative, allows college students access to its 3,800 online courses. The initiative will end on July 31. Get started here.

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